Bee Control

London Bee Control and Bees Nest Removal by Experts

Having a bee’s nest close to your home is uncomfortable and can endanger your family and pets. 24/7 Pest Control offers London bee control procedures - a quick solution to every bee infestation in the city and nearby areas. Our process includes these three steps:

  • Property inspection;
  • Determining the type of bees or wasps;
  • Bee removal and bees nest removal;

*Note that the honey bees are protected, thus we don’t treat them but we can relocate the hive to a safe place.

**If you are unsure whether you have a bee or a wasp problem, call us for a property inspection and we will determine the species and then deal with them accordingly.

How Does London Bee Control Work?

London bee removalThe procedure is usually done in a single visit. We proceed with a treatment once we identify the type of bees. If you have honeybees at your property, we won't be able to treat them but will rather relocate the nest safely as there are some protected species in London.

You can book the bee removal at any day and time depending on your schedule. Here are the exact steps which your bee expert will take once he arrives at the property:

  • Inspect the premises: locating the problem is one of the most important parts of the process. Your London exterminator will check the property top to bottom to locate the bees nest and determine if it’s the only one or the problem has spread to other areas as well. He will also manage to tell if you have a bee or a wasp issue as these insects often get mistaken.
  • Identify the type of bees: next, we will identify the bee species in order to pick the most appropriate way to deal with the infestation. Different types of bees require different control measures if any should be taken. Honey bees, for example, are protected and we can only relocate their hive to a safer place.
  • Treating the bee infestation: the expert will pick control measures according to the types of bees infesting your home - mason, carpenter, digger bees or bumblebees. He will spray the hive with a powder solution and the proper application technique and will proceed with removing the bees nest out of your London property. Bee hive removal is the only sure and effective way to deal with an infestation.

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What To Do if You Have Bees Nest in Your Property

Bee removal isn't a task one should undergo unprepared. All bee species are quite protective of their homes and won’t give up without a fight. To avoid a potential bee swarm attack and stay safe, follow these rules:

Leave them be - if the bees nest isn’t bothering you that much, it’s best to leave the population decline in a natural way. Bee colonies usually go away after the summer season and never return back to their former homes;

Avoid DIY treatments - if you are worried and still want to remove the beehive, avoid doing it on your own. Successful bee removal requires special skills and products which aren’t available in store, the most you can achieve is to agitate the nest and get yourself stung;

Contact professionals - the bee expert will be able to tell the exact problem you have, the reason behind it and will be able to perform the right bee removal treatment in order to rid you of the issue effectively.

Benefits of Professional London Bee Control and Bees Nest Removal

Benefits of our bee procedure (not the company), put a link for company benefits (learn more about 24/7) Our bee removal procedure is done according to all government regulations and industry standards. 24/7 Pest Control performs:

  • Quick and efficient London bee control and nest removal - you can schedule same day services;
  • Not an hourly based procedure - your expert will leave when the task is finished;
  • Safe beehive removal procedure to cover all regulations and requirements;

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