100% Insect Eradication With Heat Treatment

Professional heat treatment equipmentIf you have a resilient bug infestation problem, you might need a powerful solution. 24/7 Pest Control offers an exceptional way of eradicating insects in London - advanced heat treatment. The procedure is extremely flexible and is suitable for:

  • Commercial premises - such as warehouses, restaurants, hotels, etc. - to quickly and effectively eliminate all signs of infestation before they harm your business;
  • Residential homes - to eradicate all insects and protect the safe environment of your home;
  • Leased properties - to treat a house between renters and ensure it is appealing to potential new tenants;

The idea is to take the natural insect environment and make it lethal, as more and more of the bugs develop an immunity to plain insecticides. We achieve eradication by evenly spraying and then heating infested zones. This combo destroys infestations like nothing else and is super effective against bed bugs, book lice, cockroaches, moths, fleas and much more.

Advantages of Our Heat Treatment Procedure

  • 100% Eradication in Two Visits - our unique combination of initial spraying with the follow-up heat treatment achieves a total insect eradication.
  • Discreet Service - upon request, we can arrive with a non-branded van.
  • 4-Month Guarantee - the technician will inspect your property two weeks after the treatment to ensure that all bugs have been destroyed. If you notice any signs of infestation within the 4-month guarantee, the expert will re-do the treatment for free!
  • Immediate Results - there are no residues left after the heat treatment and all insects are destroyed. You’ll be able to return in your safe home right after the procedure.
  • Flexible Scheduling - we work 24/7 and during bank holidays without an extra charge.
  • Cost-Effective Deals - upon request, you can schedule a professional cleaning team at preferential rates. They will ensure your home is clean, fresh, and pest-free after the treatment.