Squirrel Control

Get Rid of London Squirrels in a Humane Way

Although cute, squirrels are considered as pests for more than one reason. Not only do they bear destruction to your property by gnawing on the interior and exterior but they are also known spreaders of fleas and ticks. Ergo, you definitely do not want them as guests in your house.

24/7 Pest Control offers a comprehensive squirrel control service in London. We get rid of them in a humane way, utilizing squirrel traps and removing the rodents from your property safely. Our services are suitable for both, residential homes and commercial properties, and are:

  • Guaranteed: our complete squirrel pest control comes with a 3-month guarantee;
  • Convenient: we are available 24/7 and on bank holidays;
  • Complete: upon request, we utilize preventative solutions and disinfect your home.

Are Squirrels Vermin? The Dangers of an Infestation

Squirrel Control in LonsonRed and grey squirrels are the common species in London and across the UK. They nest in areas rich in trees which make parks and other recreational places their favourite ones. Once the winter arrives, though, they start to seek hideouts to nest. This is when your house becomes particularly attractive to them and endangered of squirrel invasion. In urban areas, squirrels are used to the environment to such point, they no longer fear humans and the methods used to scare them away. Inside your home, they quickly get possessive, considering it as their own, which makes them even harder to repel.

Squirrel presence bears the following risks:

  • Hard to chase away once they settle their nests;
  • Spreaders of ticks and fleas, they are often the reason for insect infestations;
  • Gnaw on various surfaces and materials bearing structural damage to your home;
  • Chew on electric cables causing power shortages

Basements and attics are squirrels' preferred places to nest and the ones in which you can search for clues of their presence such as gnaw marks. They are usually quite noisy, so they can’t pass by unnoticed. You can even see them entering and leaving the premises when they go looking for food - this is one of the main signs that they are probably nesting somewhere inside and it’s time for squirrel pest control measures.
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Our Squirrel Control Procedure

The squirrel control methods we are using are designed to track and get rid of squirrels in an effective manner. To prevent their spreading and minimize the damage to your house, contact us as soon as possible so we can help you.

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