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The Belsize Park exterminators are ready to rid your home or office from any type of pest. We will also help you protect your property from future infestations. We have years of experience combined with innovative pest elimination methods. You can rest assured every rodent and insect will be removed from your property. Some of our clients include restaurant, pub and hotel managers, as well as private homeowners.

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Here is what one of them has to say about our services:

<< The exterminator was awfully quiet the whole time, which made me think the bed bug infestation was much worse than I thought! Thankfully, his silence turned out to be concentration and attention to detail. The man also found substantial bore dust and some wood damage. Called his team right that second to begin woodworm treatment. Surely, he caught the infestation early and I was lucky enough not to suffer any real damages. Thank you for your thoroughness! >> Alexandra Sanders, home-owner from Belsize Park

Why Hire our Pest Treatment Company?

We understand you are very busy and will visit your property at time and day of your convenience. No matter if you live in a small apartment or run a multi-story administrative building, the Belsize Park pest exterminators will perform a thorough property inspection. We will find the entry points pests are using and seal them so no rodents and insects will be able to enter again. The pest removal team will treat the property with the most effective non-toxic methods, if possible, depending on the nature of the pest. Hiring us means you will enjoy a pest-free property, within budget, and will enjoy the additional benefits we offer.

+ Variety of pest control services - we have dealt with mice, rats, bed bugs, spiders, ants, cockroaches and other pest infestations;

+ Range of booking slots - our services are available Mondays to Sundays and evenings;

+ Eco-friendly service - we follow the COSHH (Control of Substance Hazardous to Health) regulations and use environmentally safe elimination techniques whenever possible;

+ Proven track record - we have become a top pest control company and the positive reviews we have received are the proof;

+ Service guarantee - our full-service treatments have а 3 months guarantee.

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Being a top local pest control company we use a combination of techniques for full pest elimination. The pest controllers combine surveys, proofing and disinfection methods. We offer an all-around service, including pest detection, extermination, removal, future prevention and control, and to help you have your home pest free for longer, we will advise you on the measures to take.

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1. Call 020 3404 6650;

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