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We, at 24/7 Pest Control are now available in the Birmingham area. We help people get rid of pest problems. For the times you cannot rely on the local council, call the pro’s and we’ll deal with the infestation expertly because our work is guaranteed.

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Sharing your Birmingham home with pests is stressful, unhealthy, and costly. Different pests bear different risks, but we can sum them up to these main dangers:

*HEALTH: Insects and rodents alike spread diseases and germs. Being in contact with them, say if a wasp stings you, can lead to a severe allergic reaction at the least. Other species might not be that “safe” and can contaminate your food, compromise the hygienic conditions of your home, endangering all who live in the property;
*DESTRUCTION: Many pests, including mice, rats, ants, woodworms and more, bring destruction to your home. Their living habits include gnawing on wood, cables and various surfaces, making holes throughout the property and damaging your walls and furniture. A fully-developed pest infestation can cost you quite a lot in terms of renovations and fixes.

The main problem with pest infestations is that the damage grows with the pest colony, which is quite fast. A pair of rats, for example, can produce up to 2000 offsprings in a single year if left unchecked. This is why we recommend acting as soon as you notice any signs of infestation and book a pest control in Birmingham.

The Benefits of Our Pro Pest Control Services

The goal with each pest control procedure is to rid you of the problem. Pests are a huge stress factor, a financial issue, a health risk. This is why we take our job pretty serious and strive to refine both our methods and the tools we are using, all in order to achieve better and faster results. We also strive to provide a better overall experience for our Birmingham clients. Here are some of our benefits:

---> We provide guaranteed services - you can always book a one-off treatment, but our full-course treatments are guaranteed to rid you of a pest infestation completely and with long-lasting results;

---> Discreet experience - we can always send you an exterminator with a van that carries only our logo, and no one will pay attention to it;

---> Available for emergency work - need us during a weekend on holiday? No problems, just get in touch and leave the rest to us;

---> A complete set of services- now not only can we get rid of the pest, but we can also take preventative measures and clean your home upon request after the treatment is done.;

When they say emergency service, they really mean it. The exterminator arrived the same day to treat our rat problem and managed to do a great work with locating the nests. Haven't seen any rats ever since.

Farah Thompson from Birmingham 

Was looking for a reliable exterminator in Birmingham and got a recommendation for 24/7 Pest Control. The pro they sent us did a quality work and didn't rip us off.

Joey C. 

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24/7 Pest Control Services in Birmingham

We have been working on our range of services for years. Our goal was to develop comprehensive solutions for pest control in Birmingham and make sure we are able to deal with the problems local residents have. We want to provide amazing results and that is why we invested in powerful equipment:

ENDOSCOPIC CAMERAS: make sure we will be able to inspect even the smallest crevices and holes for any sign of pests. We bring them upon your request.

SPECIALISED HEATERS: perform our powerful heat treatment procedure which is suitable for bed bugs and all kinds of insect eradication.

UV LIGHTS: for detecting rodent pathways (in combination with special dust)

These and more tools and professional products help us achieve guaranteed extermination of every type of pest. We get lots of calls from Birmingham residents and the treatments we conduct the most are:

  • 1. Bed Bugs Treatment - we use advanced techniques to get rid of these pesky, blood-sucking insects. Bed bugs are a huge issue in the UK, they spread fast and are difficult to be destroyed. Luckily, we have procedures which bring 100% results and eradicate the infestation.

  • 2. Rodent Control and Removal - invasive rats and mice are amongst the top pest control issues we have to deal with on a daily basis. Over-the-counter products seem to not work on them anymore and new measures are required. Your Birmingham pest controller will know how to detect and deal with all of them.

  • 3. Cockroach Problems - if your home and family suffers from cockroach invasions, we can help by providing a quality solution in order to destroy the whole population. The treatment is usually done in a single visit.

  • 4. Bird Control - our pest control in Birmingham utilises solutions and tools which aim at repelling all annoying birds away from your home or office building.

  • 5. Wasp Removal - your local exterminator will ensure that no wasps bother your family. We treat the nests and leave no survivers.

  • 6. Insect Eradication - we deal with wide variety of insect infestations. If you have ants, fleas, spiders, flies, woodworms, dust mites, moths, etc. we can ensure their immediate destruction. These are only a small fraction of the services we offer to Birmingham residents. You can always contact us if your problem differs and we will do our best to help you with it.

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