Here is a long and comprehensive list of common and not so common pests. We’ll explain how you can deal with each of them and talk about the common and alternative methods of doing so.

Under each pest below you will find two options. One will be your typical methods that most people apply and the other will be an alternate method. Alternate methods will refer to unconventional or green methods for pest prevention and management.

Disclaimer: 24/7 Pest Control uses professional-grade tools and substances to repel or eliminate pests. The methods listed below are not how the technicians go about their tasks. You can test them out, try and see if they are going to help in your particular situation, if not, consider professional pest control, please.

common house spiders

Typical methods of removing spiders

Hoovering often and keeping your house dust free and clean prevent spider infestations, emphasize Crown professionals in one-off cleaning. If you are seeing a lot of spiders on your property you should keep your eyes open for other insects. Spiders are not interested in our food supplies or the warmth of our homes. They invade properties, solely to hunt inside them.

Alternative methods of removing spiders

Spiders seem to dislike peppermint oils which leave you with a natural method of prevention. Even if it doesn't work in your case, it smells great! By removing other insects from your home, you eventually discourage spiders from setting in and they will soon leave the premises.

Best: Call Professional Spider Exterminators
most common house roach
Photo by Masterbutler / CC BY

Typical ways to deter cockroaches

Hoovering often, keeping your house clear of loose food, clutter, and standing water will help prevent roach infestations. Always wash your dishes and avoid snacks in bed or at your desk.

Alternate methods

Make a makeshift roach trap with wet coffee grounds and a cup. Alternatively, leaving fresh cucumber near entry points will drive them out.

Best: Call Professional Cockroach Exterminators
a bed bug after eating

Typical ways to remove bed bugs

If infested already, there is likely no option other than to wash and hoover everything. Try a washing program with higher temperature. If the fabrics can't take the heat, consider dry cleaning.

Alternative methods

Bed bugs can be repelled by stitching leaver to each corner of your mattress. Lavender oils also help. And there is a variety of bed bug traps on the market that you can try.

Note: Bed bug infestations are extremely hard to deal with if they fully spread. It might be best if you contact a professional right away!

Best: Professional Bed Bug Treatments
a flea up close
Photo by Katja ZSM / CC BY-SA

Typical methods to deal with fleas

If infested, wash your beddings on the highest temperature they can take, or take them to dry cleaning. Hover your carpets, consider professional deep cleaning. If you have pets, they should be taking a bath with anti-flea shampoo.

Alternative methods

Unfortunately, the myth of fleas not tolerating brewers yeast looks beaten, so better try citronella, eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, and rosemary. If you rub some into the fur of your pet or put it in its food, fleas might avoid it.

Best: Flea Control Professionals
two rodents
Photo by 4028mdk09 / CC BY-SA

Common ways to treat rodent infestations

Typically, an exterminator is called in. People are setting traps and poison baits to deal with rodents, but they don't know where exactly should those traps be set. Professionals have the experience and tech to find rodent paths and cover them with traps and baits to either capture, kill them or lead them out of the property for good.

Alternative methods for dettering rodents

Peppermint is known to repel mice while the best way to prevent rats is to block any entrances to your house.

Best: Professional Pest Control
wasp flying to the hive

Typical way of treating waps

Wasp sprays are probably the most typical way people are dealing with wasps. The nest of the wasps, however, should only be treated by a well equipped professional. Wasps get hyper-aggressive when their hive is under attack and will swarm out to sting.

Alternative methods

Makeshift bottle traps can be used to keep wasp numbers down in certain areas. Use sugary water as bait. You will catch a lot of flies with those traps as well.

Best: Professional Wasp Control
few ants circling around

Typical methods for removing ants

Ant sprays or powders are commonly used to deter and prevent ants from making their way into houses.

Alternative methods

A more natural alternative is to place ground cinnamon in areas where ants can enter your home. Make sure that you find their path of entry. Scouts leave a pheromone behind, which is leading other ants, gatherers, to the food source. Find that path and rub it hard with some vinegar.

Best: Professional Ant Control
woodworm larvae
Photo by böhringer friedrich / CC BY-SA

Typical methods of treating woodworm

Aerosol woodworm sprays or oil coatings are popular uses of prevention. If you have a structural infestation, however, call professionals ASAP!

Alternative methods

Simply keeping your house warm will prevent woodworm from spreading and thriving in your home.

Best: Woodworm Treatments
cloth moths larvae
Photo by Guido Gerding / CC BY-SA

Common moth removing methods

Moths don’t like clean clothes and linens so keep your wardrobe and bedroom clean. Moths, particularly like sheep wool, so check your loft insulation.

Alternative methods

Like many pests, moths do not like the scents given off from essential oils such as cedar and lavender. Douse some cotton balls with these oils and spread them in wardrobes, closets, etc.

Best: Moth Control
common house fly

Common fly treating methods

If you are finding swarms, check the area for dead animals. Blocked drains are another common reason for fly infestations. Remove the source of contamination to deter the flies.

Alternative methods

Flies dislike essential oils such as peppermint, lavender, lemongrass and eucalyptus. Spraying these oils in your home should keep them away.

Best: Professional Flies Exterminators

If you are dealing with an infestation from any of the above-mentioned pests, and you can't handle them on your own call in a professional. 24/7 Pest Control is always available to its clients.

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