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Pest Control in Chiswick

A Wide Range of Pest Control Treatments in Chiswick W4

24/7 Pest Control offers a variety of pest treatments in Chiswick and the nearby areas. The local exterminators have the know-how and experience with various pests including:

  • RODENTS - we successfully remove all types of rodents such as mice, rats and even squirrels off properties. We send out a local professional to check the building, seal all entry points and treat the property against rodent infestations.
  • INSECTS - depending on the type of insect infesting your home, your exterminator will implement tailored pest control methods to eradicate the species. In case of wasps, we remove the nests thus ensuring a safe environment.
  • BIRDS - birds like seagulls and pigeons are not only a nuisance. Their living habits cause damage to the exterior of your building and an increased risk of insect infestations. Our pest control solutions aim to repel all pigeons and bird-proof the building.

Our services are quite flexible and suit the needs of owners of residential homes, rental properties, offices, business premises and vacation rentals. Depending on the type of property and the pest infesting it, we implement a range of solutions that treat and prevent infestations in the W4 area. We usually follow a strict procedure that includes property inspection, treatment and prevention.

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We provide additional services in Chiswick and the nearby areas:

General property fumigation - perfect for rental properties of all kinds where the risk of infestation rises quickly, especially if you allow pets or are short letting the property. This service is also recommended for new homeowners who want to ensure that their home is safe and pest-free, before moving in.

Dead animal removal - upon request we can dispatch a local professional who will come to your property to pick up any pest carcases and dispose of them in a safe manner. This service is suitable for any DIY enthusiasts and all customers who have purchased pest treatment.

Thank you so much for saving my son's birthday party. We were planning a garden party for him and his friends. We were shocked to find a wasp nest the day before the celebration. Thank you 24/7 Pest Control for the quick responce!

C. Storey @ Chiswick 

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The Benefits of Pest Control Services Near You

The local exterminators are close to you, ready for emergency treatments.

  • Pest inspection can be booked separately or you can receive it for free as part of any pest treatment in the area.
  • We offer a wide variety of pest control and after treatment services for local residents.
  • Our pest treatments in Chiswick are flexible, you can book emergency services or guaranteed procedures, depending on your needs.

What Procedure Do We Follow With Our Pest Treatments


Each successful pest control procedure in Chiswick starts with a thorough property check up. We need to define the exact type of pest species before proceeding with the proper exterminating measures. Once your local exterminator arrives at the premises, he will examine all entries and possible hideouts of the pest.


Some of the pest treatments require preparations such as clearing out or hoovering rooms. Our friendly operators will provide you with all information regarding the pest procedures and what you need to do beforehand. You will also receive practical tips from your local exterminator.


Once everything is ready, we will proceed with the actual pest control treatment. The technician will implement the proper eradication measures according to the infestation at hand and will give you further advice. If you’ve booked our guaranteed services, he will be able to return two additional times in order to proceed with the treatment and ensure your property is pest-free.


Your Chiswick pest technician will give you some actionable tips on how to prevent further pest problems and ensure that the treatment takes maximum effect. The products we use to treat pests are quite powerful and obtain long lasting residual effects that will protect your home for many months ahead.

We also offer our pest control services in these nearby areas:

Schedule a Pest Control Procedure in Chiswick

We offer you two options to schedule a visit from a local exterminator.

  • All Chiswick residents can contact us on 020 3404 6650 where you’ll get answers on all your questions regarding our pest treatments. Needless to say, our friendly operators will give you a free estimate.
  • You can also receive your quote by filling in our short contact form. It will take you no longer than a few minutes and we’ll get in touch with you.

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