Animal carcases bring awful smell and aren’t the most hygienic of things. 24/7 Pest Control offers a swift dead animal removal and disposal service for London residents. Our services are discreet, amongst the other benefits, and will get rid of all kinds of animal carcasses in an effective manner -- leaving zero smell. However, when talking about a beloved pet such as cat or dog, sensitivity and respect are important. 24/7 Pest Control also offers an attentive pet cremation services for the London pet owners. An experienced professional will arrive at your property and take care of your beloved companion in a respectful manner.

Dead Animal Removal

  • We send an experienced pest controller to locate the animal;
  • The technician collects all animal carcasses present and packs them in a plastic bag;
  • Your expert will dispose of the animal remains in a combustion chamber. In there, everything will burn to ashes in an eco-friendly manner.

Pet Cremation Service

  • A professional will come and collect your pet companion in a specialised bag provided by certified crematorium;
  • We will carefully transport your beloved pet to the crematorium and make sure it is taken care of with respect;
  • After the procedure of cremation is complete, we will return your pet’s ashes back to you. This service follows all regulations to ensure your peace of mind.

We’ve been dealing with pest control and dead animal disposal for years, leaving no trace of dead rats, squirrels, rabbits, foxes, and much more. We can safely say we are able to deal with all types of small mammals, birds and even dead snakes! A perfect follow up on DIY mice control and rat control methods if poison was overly used and rodents died inside the property. The trained professionals will take care of your pet gently and carefully, and will provide you with a door to door experience, removing the stress that you as a pet owner surely experience in moments like this.
William K.
Duncan was a great pest control man. He had beautiful manners and did an excellent job! He left the interior completely clean and I would absolutely return to 24/7 Pest Control bec
Mar 4th, 2021
Donetta J.
I found that your team is very good at what they do. My problem was solved quickly with great help and communication. Thank you for all your hard work.
May 11th, 2020
Robert C.
Simeon was very professional from start to finish of the job. I would indeed have no hesitation in highly recommending him because he is very thorough and very efficient.
May 7th, 2020
Georgia D.
The technician was great and very fast in time. Very helpful and know the job very well. He did an excellent job.
May 17th, 2020
Gary K.
Excellent friendly and helpful service from beginning to end. On my first contact with the company, I was given plenty of time to discuss the problem and the service offered. There
Apr 17th, 2020
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24/7 Pest Control will swiftly deal with any case of dead animal disposal around London and all its boroughs. Here are some of the benefits that local residents and pet owners can take advantage of:
  • Fast & Discreet - if you seek for a local expert who can handle your case and you don’t want to alarm the neighbours, we can come with an discreet van;
  • Emergency Service Available - both the call centre and the exterminators are available 24/7 in case you need our help urgently -- just give us a ring;
  • Additional Services Available - dead animals can be sometimes connected to infestation issues. While we’re at your house, we can execute a full inspection for a small fee in order to locate any signs of pests. Upon request, we can also send you a team of cleaners to treat the areas which were in contact with the dead animal;
  • Flexible Scheduling - we are available 7 days a week and even in bank holidays at same rates;
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