Dead Animal Removal

Express Dead Animal Removal Service in London

Animal carcasses bring awful smell and aren’t the most hygienic of things. 24/7 Pest Control offers a swift dead animal removal and disposal service for London residents. Our services are discreet, amongst the other benefits, and will get rid of all kinds of animal carcasses in an effective manner - leaving zero smell. Our services are suitable for:

  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial properties

We've been dealing with pest control and dead animal removal for years, leaving no trace of dead rats, squirrels, cats, dogs, birds and much more. We can safely say we are able to deal with all types of small mammals, birds and even dead snakes!

How Our Animal Carcass Removal Works

Our dead animal removal process includes several steps:

  • We send an experienced pest controller to deal with the issue;
  • The technician collects all animal carcasses present and packs them in a plastic bag;
  • Your expert will dispose of the animal remains in a combustion chamber. In there, everything will burn to ashes in an eco-friendly manner.

Benefits of Our Carcass Disposal Services

24/7 Pest Control will dispose of dead animals for you. Here are some of the benefits London residents can take advantage of:

  • Fast & Discreet - if there's a dead animal you need to get rid of and you don't want to alarm the neighbours, we can come with an unbranded van;
  • Book More, Save More - while we're at your house, we can execute a full inspection for a small fee in order to locate any signs of infestation. Upon request, we can also send you a team of cleaners to disinfect the areas which were in contact with the dead animal;
  • Flexible Scheduling - we are available 7 days a week and even on bank holidays -- depending on your situation;
  • Emergency Service Available - both the call centre and the exterminators are available 24/7 in case you need our help urgently, just give us a ring;

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