Your beloved pet repeatedly scratches and grooms itself? Do you notice small red marks on your skin? Those are the most common tell-tale signs of a flea infestation. Book our professional flea treatment in London, to rid your house of this notorious jumping pest! With 24/7 Pest Control, you will receive the house flea treatment you need for total extermination of the population around your property. Protect yourself, your family and animal companions from filth and health hazards such as typhus and even the infamous bubonic plague by ridding the flea issue today! Get a Quote
  • Full London coverage: we are active around the capital and the surrounding areas without exception, there is a team of flea exterminators near your area;
  • Quick and efficient services: our hassle-free flea treatments will cleanse the pests from your property;
  • 3-month guarantee: choose our full-service option and you will be able to request up to two free visits within 3 months after the initial treatment. This ensures that our flea treatment for house has worked at the fullest and there are zero pesky insects left.
  • Well-trained technicians: all pest inspectors are trained and certified, with experience in their field;
  • Customer-friendly scheduling: we are available seven days a week, including bank holidays and weekends. You can even reach us for emergency flea fumigation if the situation requires it;
  • Quality control: we make regular inspection to supervise the work of the flea exterminators and adjust the process if needed be;
  • Home disinfection service: upon request we can offer you after-treatment cleaning procedures at great rates. The disinfection session should be done at least 4 days after the flea control procedure and it aims to make sure that all areas are pest-free and clean again.
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Alan L.
Excellent communication and response time in the office as well as in the field. Will repeat if I have to.
Jan 20th, 2020
David S.
Your technician Ivan was brilliant and offered excellent customer service. With empathy, he listened to our mouse problem. We will be recommending him to our friends and family.
Jan 18th, 2020
Bettina B.
The pest control treatment process was very quick. We are happy that it went well.
Dec 15th, 2019
Brandi R.
Technician was very helpful and thorough. He explained a problem carefully and turned up punctually. Would definitely recommend.
Jun 25th, 2020
Philip E.
Todor did an amazing job. Finding the mouse, setting the traps before hand, and executing it professionally. He was also very thorough in communicating my options and keeping me up
Jun 15th, 2020
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Flea Control in LondonIn most cases, people proceed with the treatment of pet's infestation or the individual flea bites on themselves. Unfortunately, this is not enough – you also need to treat your home in order to eradicate these pests. Quality pest control for fleas is the one and only solution which aims at exterminating fleas in your house. Fleas are parasites that draw blood from their hosts – this is their main food source as adults. The flea larvae, on the other hand, consumes organic waste. They live near the adults and scavenge for their blood-rich bodily deposits. The adults are about 2.5 mm long - they don't have wings and their bodies are covered in tiny spines with piercing mouthparts. The flea eggs can hatch on different places around your home – wall coverings, fissures, beds and so forth, nothing is protected. If your pets repeatedly scratch and groom themselves, it is a clear sign of a flea infestation and a hint that your home is in a need of professional flea treatment. If you see black, pepper-like particles in pet beds or in other privy places they use, it is a clear indication of a flea presence. Fleas are very difficult to catch – they can jump up to 25 centimetres! Trying to catch them individually is a lost cause. A single flea lives up to 100 days and needs one mate to produce up to five hundred larvae.
While it is uncommon to witness fleas feeding only on humans, it is not unlikely. If you see even one of these jumping insects, you should proceed with professional flea extermination as soon as possible. Not only pets suffer from flea bites – humans can be threatened if the flea population goes out of control. And the fact is, store-bought sprays and products do little to rid of the issue, increasing their resistance to further treatments - it can do more harm than good. The first signs of flea bites on humans are itchy red spots on the lower legs. Some people exhibit flea allergies. If you experience excessive itching and secondary infection, this may be a sign of an allergic reaction that needs to be treated by an allergist. Moreover, these parasites spread diseases such as typhus and tularemiaand you should never underestimate the deadly potential of the creatures - the Black Death pandemic that swept across Europe in the 14th century was carried by fleas on rats. In all cases, if you notice red spots surrounded by reddened halos, you should contact a doctor immediately. Furthermore, you must get in touch with an exterminator to discuss the proper flea treatment measures that need to be taken. Get a Quote