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Professional Pest Control by Local Exterminators in Lambeth

At 24/7 Pest Control in SE1 you can find quality solutions to all of your pest-related problems. We offer various pest control services in Lambeth and other nearby areas. We send out vetted and experienced exterminators to local properties to complete the job as fast as we can. Our pest treatments are effective and achieve pest eradication, no matter the size of infestation. We will take care of every unwanted rodent, bird or insect and will remove the pesky intruders from your home or office.

All local exterminators have been under professional training. They are well-versed in following the best practices of pest extermination - a thorough inspection of the property, special treatment for various pest species and prevention of future infestations.

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Our services are suitable for:

  • Residential homes - Our treatments are specially made to deal with any kind of pest infestation in your home. We have the necessary equipment and pesticides to get rid of birds, rodents and insects with as minimum disruption to your daily activities as possible.
  • Rental properties - Whether you are a letting agent, landlord or a tenant, the local exterminators will help you get your rental property free of pests and keep it that way.
  • Commercial premises - Commercial buildings are particularly appealing to pests and can get infested by a variety of unwanted vermin. The teams in Lambeth can help eliminate any kind of pest and bring your property’s safe and clean conditions back.
  • Office buildings - If your office building has become infested, the local technicians will eliminate the nuisance and bring back the safe working conditions. We have suitable for large spaces equipment and can deal with different levels of infestations.
  • Vacation rentals - Vacation rentals are some of the easily infested properties. Get a licensed and experienced exterminator from the SE1 area to help with your problem.

Guaranteed & Emergency Treatments in Lambeth

24/7 Pest Control offers two types of pest control services in Lambeth and the SE1 area depending on the level of infestation and your personal preferences.

Emergency Service - Booking an emergency service means that the exterminator will inspect the property and perform the necessary treatment on-demand, without follow-up visits. The benefit of booking emergency treatment is that it solves your pest problems ASAP.

Guaranteed service - Our guaranteed treatments are for more serious pest problems and provides you with follow-up visits. When booking it you’ll have the benefit of requesting up to two additional free of charge treatments within three months. This ensures the complete elimination of pests in your home.

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Pest Control Services Available in Lambeth SE1

Rats & Mice Extermination:

First, the exterminator inspects the entire property and finds and seals all entry points with durable materials. Our goal is to prevent more rodents from entering. Then the mice exterminator will proceed with the actual mouse or rat extermination procedure. Keep in mind that full rats and mice extermination might take several weeks, that’s why we offer multiple visits as part of our guaranteed pest control procedures.

Bed Bugs Control:

Our bed bugs extermination is performed with powerful yet family-friendly pesticides that have a long-lasting residual effect. We use special equipment that ensures the safe treatment of only the infested areas.

Wasp Removal:

Your home will be examined in order for us to identify the type of wasps we’re dealing with. Your wasp exterminator will treat all nests in a safe way and rid you of the wasps.

Cockroach Eradication:

The roach exterminator will come and use gel baits or special insecticides to treat your property. Both methods are efficient and have long-lasting results. If you book a guaranteed service the technician can come later on for a follow-up visit (free of charge). You will also be given advice on how to protect your home from future cockroach infestations.

Other Pests:

We have other pest control services that are available in Lambeth and the nearby areas - bird control, squirrel control, treating woodworms, fleas and other insects. For all services, we always do an inspection of the property and then proceed with the most appropriate treatment. You can book any of the services by filling in our form.

Not sure what pest you have?

Are you hearing some unusual noises in your home or sensing an unpleasant smell? Maybe you should have your property inspected for pest presence. If your neighbours are having their house treated and you are worried about your home getting infested as well, we can help you. The local exterminators can come and inspect your home. He will determine if your home is infested by a common for the Lambeth area pest and will suggest the most appropriate actions.

This summer I met my nightmare when I started seeing cockroaches in my flat almost every day. I called your company immediately and the exterminators took their time to do a thorough inspection and to take care of the problem. Many thanks to the team and to your company. I haven't seen a cockroach in weeks. But I will call you again for sure if I see other ones

Anna Hart from Lambeth 

Hey, guys, I wanted to thank you for the thorough inspection last Monday. Our entire office was worried that we have some sort of infestation and we couldn't be more relieved when your technicians informed us that there was nothing to worry about. The office is back to normal now thanks to you.

Jenna Brown, Lambeth area 

We also provide pest control in other nearby areas including:

Our company has been growing and has extended its reach to the following areas

Pest infestations are a common problem for all Lambeth property owners and luckily 24/7 Pest Control has years of experience and can send professional exterminators to take care of the issue. The different pests carry different diseases and can be the cause of other medical issues, such as allergies and skin rashes. Contact your local pest exterminators in Lambeth at the first sight of infestation.

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Please do not hesitate to call us. We are experienced and have knowledgeable technicians working with us in SE1 that are ready for emergency sessions. You can get in touch with any of our assistants by filling our contact form or calling our office on 020 3404 6650. You will receive all needed information and a free quote!

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