If you are a resident of Leeds and you have insect or rodent problems, 24/7 Pest Control is near you and able to help. The local teams of exterminators provide insured pest control treatments in all city areas. Our procedures are convenient because:

  • We are available 24/7, on weekends and holidays;
  • We do not require upfront payments;
  • We give you an instant quote;
  • We are an insured provider and our pest control treatments bring 100% eradication
  • We provide discrete services and arrive with a thouhgtfully branded van.

Our company provides one of the best pest control Leeds has to offer.

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We’ve come to realize that there are two main components to an amazing pest control service — availability and trustworthiness — we know that you need to get rid of the pest ASAP and that you want lasting results, and that’s what we are aiming at. To make sure we’re on track with the latest solutions in the industry, we revise both our methods and our equipment regularly. You can take advantage of pro services no matter if you are owning or renting:

How to Book a Pest Control Treatment

You can get more info and book your desirable service in just a minute. Call us at {PHONE_NUMBER}, we are operating 24/7 and one of our friendly operators will take care of your inquiry. Additionally, you can book your service online by pressing the button below and filling your details.

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Rosa D.
24/7 Pest Control is a very reliable and efficient service that's available all the time. If you have any pest problems, give them a shot!
Jul 15th, 2020
Henry M.
I had a pest problem and I called 24/7 Pest Control. They took care of the problem quickly and provided excellent customer care. I highly recommend their courteous and prompt servi
Jul 20th, 2020
Harold B.
The pro was extremely efficient and very thorough. He was very helpful and polite. Would strongly recommend the company.
Aug 27th, 2020
Raymond M.
I'd like to thank Stefan for his great service. He has always been both helpful and kind, and I believe he is in one of the best pest control companies in the area.
Aug 17th, 2020
Shaun J.
I couldn't believe how terrible the entire mouse infestation could be. Stefan explained exactly what was happening. He was very polite, helpful and friendly. He made the whole drea
Sep 18th, 2020
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24/7 Pest Control in Leeds | Your Local Expert

Meet George, a 33 years old pest technician, born and raised in Leeds.

His adventure as a pest expert started 9 years ago when he graduated the prestigious Leeds City College. Back then, his family ran a small pest control business in the area so he started helping full-time, gathering experience with various pests.

He’s been working with 24/7 Pest Control team in Leeds for about four years and specialises in rodent infestations.

“Rats are really smart creatures, creative as well which is what I find most interesting about them and why I prefer dealing with them amongst all other pests. We use a method of property inspection that never fails to detect a rodent. It’s certain we’ll eradicate them.”

What Treatments We Offer for Leeds Residents

The pest control services available in Leeds vary depending on your situation. We are quite flexible and can tackle all kinds of infestations in a wide range of properties. Here are some of the most common issues we have to deal in the Leeds area are:

Bed Bugs Control: Without a doubt, bed bugs infestations are the most common problem local residents have and the one we deal with on a daily basis. Amongst our frequent clients are home owners, hotel owners and landlords because of the high risk for these types of properties. We implement a range of techniques when dealing with bed bugs – from regular treatments to 100% eradication with heat treatments – bed bugs have no chance;

Mice and Rat Control & Removal: Another pesky problem are rodents in the property. Rats and mice are quite used to the urban areas and human presence and are not at all shy to sniff around your kitchen cabinets in search of food. In order to deal with a rodent infestation, your local pest controller will turn to multiple solutions. And to prevent them from entering the premises of your home, he’ll seal the entry holes, using rodent proofing materials like steel wool.

Cockroach Treatment: If you’ve noticed cockroaches around the kitchen or basement, then there’s a great chance that you’ll suffer a whole infestation of them. Why? Because they tend to breed quite fast and are difficult to destroy. Their enduring nature is known to all of us. That is why we have to have extremely powerful solutions to be able to deal even with the most resilient cockroach infestation and rid you of these creepy bugs.

Pigeon Control & Bird Removal: Having pesky birds nesting around your house brings more than one issue to the table. We implement various techniques in order to repel them away from the house in a humane way. When your exterminator arrives at your property, he will assess the situation and advice for the most appropriate measures in order to get rid of the birds quickly.

Insect Fumigation: The creepy crawlies can feel attracted to your house at certain times of the year. Flies, fleas, ants, spiders, and moths can all seek shelter and food under your roof. We have proper solutions for them as well and will be able to rid you of any insect issue, no matter the size of infestation.

Wasp Control: These easily agitated insects can pose a danger if they decide to sting you all at once. Wasps are some of the most common intruders and the ones most people fail to deal with on their own. Your pest control team in Leeds will manage to rid you the infestation in a safe way.

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