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Pest Control in Milton Keynes

Effective Pest Control in Milton Keynes by 24/7 Pest Control

Over the years we, at 24/7 Pest Control, have developed successful strategies for pest control in Milton Keynes. The area is known to have a constantly growing percentage of pest problems which we strive to solve as quickly as possible. Pest presence is unpleasant, to say the least, but that’s not the only reason why local customers prefer to use our pest removal services.

  • Discreet experience - upon request, your local technician will arrive with a less branded van. It won't gather the looks of your neighbours;
  • Flexible pest control procedures - single treatments or guaranteed pest control services depending on your preference;
  • Local availability - the pest exterminators are located in and near Milton Keynes in order to arrive as soon as possible;
  • After-treatment care is available upon request - dead animal removal, property proofing and more.

If you spot any signs of pests in your home or business building, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will send you a local exterminator who will deal with the issue and manage the infestation.

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Our Professional Pest Control in Milton Keynes Explained

→ Property Survey - your Milton Keynes exterminator will check the property top-to-bottom to locate where pests are hiding. Areas will be marked for treatment and entry points will be sealed to prevent pests from entering. The expert will pick the most appropriate method of extermination for your particular case and will advise you on any pre-control measures.

→ Control Procedure - the actual pest treatment depends on the type of pest and the size of infestation in progress. Your local pro will have all the needed tools and products to deal with what’s infesting your home or office. He will attend to every zone that needs treatment with great attention in order to exterminate the pesky intruders.

→ Pest Prevention - upon completion of the treatment, we will give you some practical tips on how to avoid future pest issues. If you’ve booked a guaranteed service, your exterminator will return to check, and, if needed, treat your home again in order to put a stop to the pest colony.

I was impressed with the customer service. A friendly phone operator, an easy booking process, a fair price. Everything was good. The inspection of my house also went trouble-free. I would use the company again. Great price-performance ratio!

Barbara Walters, Milton Keynes area 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For saving our house from the gross bed bugs. My husband has been complaining of being bitten for a long time before we realised what was going on. We had heard about your company from friends and we called right away. Your team has done a great job, as it has been three weeks already and we hadn't had any problems. Thank you!

Maria and David, Milton Keynes 

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Most Requested Pest Treatments in Milton Keynes

We’ve been dealing with a great variety of pest species in our practice, but the following are some of the most asked pest control services we perform in the MK1 area and the nearby neighbourhoods:


It is no wonder that bed bugs are at the top of the list. Now more than ever they manage to spread easily around the city. No property is immune -- homes, hotels and vacation rentals all suffer from the invader. During our constant battle against bed bugs infestations, we’ve developed various types of treatments depending on the severity of infestation in the property - our bed bugs extermination will solve the issue.


The problem with roaches is that their colony grows exponentially fast with each day they remain untreated. But a single visit from your local cockroach exterminator in Milton Keynes is enough for us to deal with your cockroach issue. This is because we use powerful insecticides that obtain a long-lasting finish effect -- they will protect your home long after the treatment. All you need to do is schedule your treatment as soon as you notice their presence.


These flying insects are often more of a nuisance than a potential threat. If you aren’t allergic, that is. No matter if this is the case, we are available for a wasp exterminator which we perform in a family-friendly manner.

*We do not remove or treat honey bees as they are a protected species. Your exterminator will let you know if this is your case.


Rats and mice are quite a common problem in Milton Keynes. So much, that the local residents try to deal with them on their own. This leads to the rodents developing resistance to chemical products available in stores. Fortunately, our mouse control measures manage to deal with mice infestations and our rat extermination will eradicate the pests infesting your Milton Keynes property. There's no escape from our pest treatments.

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What Problems do Pest Infestations Bring Along?

Different pests bear different types of risks to you, your family and the property you live in. Infestations are costly, especially if left unattended, and they bring the following problems:

>>> Health dangers

Rodents, insects and birds spread germs, even diseases, all over the property they infest. The least they could cause is an allergic reaction, say if a wasp stings you. But the fact is, these vermin often contaminate the food as well as compromise the hygiene in your home.

>>> Property damage

Many pest species in Milton Keynes bring immense destruction to properties. Such is the case with pigeons, rats, mice, woodworm, ants and more. Everything in their living habits has the potential to compromise the structure of the building, damage the furniture and even the power grid. Pest infestations are costly not only because of their eventual treatment but also because all the damage needs to be fixed and even renovations are required once the pest is removed.

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