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me2.0Here is a bit more about Amber Morris. Content creator at 24/7 Pest Control blog. She combines her personal experience and knowledge with the know-how, provided to her from all the technicians, and present all that in the form of blog posts. You can see all of those posts here on the blog.


How Did Amber Got Here

Amber started work at 24/7 P.C as part of “Customer Care”. Soon, she got promoted to a Pest Control Consultant. She had to learn specifics about the different services and about the behaviour of various pests. Good thing she is hungry for knowledge and reading pest related articles during work hours counted as a benefit.

Her quick learning and well-organised personality made her an efficient consultant. Miss Morris constantly shares knowledge with the technicians and makes sure to give the best advice to the clients.

This made her the perfect contributor to our blog, and that is the reason why she now has a couple of extra tasks on her desk. You can ask her your questions on Quora and Twitter or just ask below any article of the blog.


Twitter: @AmberTMorris

Quora: Amber Morris on Quora

Email: [email protected]

Some Publications Outside The Blog:

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