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Quality pest control in Surbiton, and adjacent areas

  • Certified & experienced pest control experts
  • Same-day and emergency after-hours visits
  • Using agency-approved pest control methods
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 Surbiton 24/7 Pest Control

Why choose 24/7 Pest Control in Surbiton

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Get rid of pests for good, with 24/7 Pest Control in Surbiton. We’re available day or night to solve pest problems in your domestic and business properties in West Midlands.

Our specialist exterminators are trained to deal with any kind of pest, from rats, miceu00a0and wasps to cockroaches and birds. Whether you’ve got a silverfish, woodworm or even squirrel infestation, you can trust that we have the expertise to rid you of your pests once and for all.

Our powerful pest elimination techniques in the KT5 area will not only eradicate your pest problem, but protect your residence for the future. We will examine every corner of your property, and create a specially tailored plan to deal with your pest problem, once and for all.

Contact us below, and we’ll start your pest-removal today!

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What you get with 24/7 Pest Control Surbiton

Book the best exterminators for the lowest prices in the KT5 area. We charge for the job, not the time spent, and we won’t leave until you are 100% pest-free.

We’re available any time or day in Surbiton, whatever your schedule. We’ll inspect your property, seal entry points and eliminate pests at the speed of light, whether you live in a small apartment, or run a multi-storey office block.

You’ll get:

  • 24/7 booking appointments: pest treatments 7 days a week, plus holidays
  • Full range of pest treatments: removes bugs, rodents and more.
  • 3-month guarantee: two free visits when you book our full service.
  • Eco-friendly service: we follow full COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) rules

We also offer:

  • Dead animal removal: we dispose of rodent carcasses in your Surbiton property.
  • Pest proofing: we protect your property from future infestation
  • Disinfection: we wipe all germs and traces of pest presence
Pest inspection for your property

We treat all pests in Surbiton

Whether you’ve got rats, squirrels, bed bugs, silverfish, squirrels, birds, or wasps, our Surbiton pest experts will destroy your infestation for good

Mice and Rats Removal Surbiton

Rodent Control in Surbiton

  • Exterminate all rats and mice
  • For residential and business properties
  • Immediate response

Bird Control Surbiton

Remove Pigeon & Birds in Surbiton

  • Remove all birds and pigeons
  • For residential and business properties
  • Rapid response rates

Silverfish Control Surbiton

Get rid of Silverfish Now in Surbiton

  • Eradicate 100 % of silverfish
  • For commercial and residential properties
  • Instant response

Wasps Control Surbiton

Eradicate Wasps and Wasps Nests in Surbiton

  • Remove all wasp and wasps nests
  • For business and residential properties
  • Ready at any time

Bed Bug Eradication Surbiton

Remove Bed Bugs With Our Surbiton Team

  • Eliminate all bed bug infestations
  • For business and residential properties
  • 100% effective

Cockroach Extermination Surbiton

Eliminate Cockroaches Fast in Surbiton

  • Get rid of 100% of cockroaches
  • For residential and business properties
  • Safe and speedy exterminations
Our customers say Excellent
4.4 out of 5 based on 53 reviews
Nancy M.
Your service is always terrific. Unfortunately, 6 stars is not possible. Great service.
Mohammad Wallis
The flies stay away from my home because of 24/7 Pest Control! Thanks a lot for the timely service –
I’ll call you again in a few months!
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Sherman C.
I had a problem with mice and rats in my house. When I called the 24/7 pest control company, they se
nt the pro immediately to inspect the location and discuss our options for moving forward. He laid out a clear plan and discussed what would happen if different scenarios came to pass. Highly recommend!
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Local line: 020 3404 6650

Working hours: Open 24 hours, Mon – Sun

Postcode coverage: KT5

Other locations we cover nearby: Surbiton

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