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Effective pest control services in West London for both domestic and business clients.

  • Certified & qualified pest exterminators
  • After-hours and emergency pest control
  • Comprehensive treatments providing long term solutions against vermin
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 Pest Control West London

Why choose 24/7 Pest Control in West London

Professional pest controller

Providing 24/7 pest control services in West London, we will promptly address any pest issues you may encounter. Our services include effective solutions against ants, bed bugs, carpet beetles, cockroaches, mice, rat infestations and more.

We aim to address customers’ worries about a pest invasion in their residences and eliminate the vermin. With extensive experience working with landlords, agents, and tenants, we can customise our treatments to not only deliver quick pest control but also provide long-term solutions for your properties. Knowledgeable and highly experienced, our pest exterminators in West London are prepared to pinpoint, eliminate, and deter pests, ensuring a safe environment for you and your loved ones.

The benefits of our 24/7 Pest Control services in West London

Our West London pest control company safeguards domestic and commercial properties from vermin and helps owners deal with unwanted pest intruders. We have extensive experience in offering services tailored to the needs of different sectors, ranging from rental properties and housing developments to offices and restaurants.

Our team of pest controllers in West London is dedicated to providing efficient and safe solutions to any pest problem. We offer a thorough survey to assess the extent of the infestation and identify potential access points, followed by fast and effective treatments tailored to your specific situation.

Additionally, we provide advice on proofing measures to help prevent future pest infestations.

Pest inspection for your property

West London pest control services

Our pest exterminators in West London are here to help with any pest issues you may have. Whether it’s mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, or any other pests, we’ll take care of the vermin quickly and efficiently.

Mice & Rats Removal West London

Rodent Control in West London

  • Exterminate all rats and mice
  • For residential and business properties
  • Rat and mouse exterminator near you

Bird Control West London

Pigeon & Bird Control in West London

  • Remove all birds and pigeons
  • For residential and business properties
  • Bird-proofing services with nets

Silverfish Control West London

Silverfish Treatment in West London

  • Eradicate 100 % of silverfish
  • For commercial and residential properties
  • Silverfish treatment the same-day

Wasps Control West London

Wasps Nests Treatment in West London

  • Remove all wasp and wasps nests
  • For business and residential properties
  • Emergency wasp nest treatment within 60 min

Bed Bug Treatment West London

Bed Bugs Control West London

  • Eliminate all bed bug infestations
  • For business and residential properties
  • Heat treatment against bedbugs 100% effective

Cockroach Extermination West London

Cockroach Removal in West London

  • Get rid of 100% of cockroaches
  • For residential and business properties
  • Roach exterminator near you
Our customers say Excellent
4.4 out of 5 based on 53 reviews
Maggie T.
I own a small shop and yesterday I had it treated for roaches by your company. Luckily for me, my s
on saw the roach and not a customer. I hope they do not show up again. I think the technicians did a good and a detailed job. Hopefully, the problem is over for good. Thank you very much.
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Alexander Knowles
Whenever a tenant is about to leave one of my apartments I book an end of tenancy fumigation service
just to be sure. And never has anyone complained about pests in one of my properties so I guess the service is quite effective.
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Charleen K.
24/7 Pest Control has the best service in town. Yonko was amazing. He came immediately, found the so
urce of the problem, and took care of it promptly. He made me feel at ease in my own home. Thank you 24/7 Pest Control!
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Postcode coverage: SW6 5

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