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Moving into a new flat? Just bought your first home? Or you recently got rid of a pest infestation? You should have the property disinfected before moving in with all of your belongings.

After getting rid of pests, the property must be cleaned not only from the pests carcases but also from the traces they leave such as hair, faeces, urine, egg shells, shed skin, and more. Sanitation and disinfection of the property will eliminate all traces from pests. You should take all measures necessary especially if you know of previous pest infestations and 24/7 Pest Control can help you.

Pest Sanitation - What Is It and How It's Done?

The ideal time to book a sanitation service is at least three days after a pest treatment has taken place. Pest sanitation is done to eliminate all remaining pathogens from a previous pest infestation, feces and eggs are all removed and the property is sanitised thoroughly. The ideal time to book a sanitation service is at least three days after a pest treatment has taken place.

All sprays and biocides have been tested and approved. The places where pests tend to hide or inhibit are the kitchen, the bathroom, the attic or basement, under sinks, or around pipes, in cupboards, in corners.

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Pest Disinfection

This service is also ideal for people who have recently gotten rid of a pest infestation or are moving into a new house.

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*We recommend sanitation to be executed after a property fumigation service, as well. This will help rid of dead insects around the house and spot clean the serfeces for a fresh start.

Disinfecting the property means eliminating all harmful pathogens from pests, including potential dangers from E.coli, Salmonella, Swine flu, etc.
Even an insignificant pest infestation such as ants, or mice can leave a large number of dangerous pathogens in the property long after the pests are gone.

For the purpose of finding the spots with the highest concentration of pathogens, the technicians can use an ULV machine if the customer requires it. The technicians wear protective gear and overalls while disinfecting properties. They will remove all droppings and waste from the property. They are equipped with scrapers, dustpans, metal brushes, special hand wipes, the biocidal disinfectants, of course.

The service is a "must do" for commercial properties after a pest erradication service. This is will ensure the flawless performance of your business.


  • The technician will arrive on site and will take a look at the property determining where to spray, or follows the customer's priorities.
  • Outdoors disinfection is required if there was or is pigeon issue and a lot of feces, but a survey is required first.
  • The property is swept before the disinfection process begins. And wiping or cleaning the property after the disinfection is not recommended.
  • The property is sprayed with biocides that reduce diseases and destroy different organism from the bodily functions of the pests.
  • After the property is sprayed it should be vacated for two to five hours. The customer will be advised how long they should be away from the property.


  • The biocidal disinfectants kill harmful pathogens that can cause a number of serious health issues.
  • Eliminates bad odour, feces and urine, skin cells, eggs, hair, and all other pest waste.
  • You have a peace of mind and live in a completely clean and safe property.
  • Long-term effects are guaranteed. No risk of fungi, spores, viruses or bacteria.

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Why Book a Pest Disinfection Service With 24/7 Pest Control

Take advantage of the pest sanitation and disinfection service and protect your home from the dangers left by pests. 24/7 Pest Control will send equipped and savvy technicians to disinfect your home. Call 020 3404 6650 or fill the form to get a free quote about a disinfection service.