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Every feedback we receive helps us maintain the high level of customer service we deliver and design our services according to the needs of our customers. Over the years we have received many pest control London reviews that speak for themselves. You can easily become part of our group of satisfied clients by making a booking with us right this minute on 020 3404 6650! And if curious to read what other have said about us, check out the London pest control testimonials published below.

Reviewed by Charles Gough

I have a small storage room with a small window. It is well thought, just above the attic so it can still be transformed into a room. Sadly this small storage room/closet had turned into the home of a couple of friendly pigeons. I set traps and I have sealed the entrance, but the pigeons continued to come over and make a mess of the outside of the house. Plus it was annoying when I was relaxing in the attics. The pigeon treatment from 247 Pest Control was what kept them away so far!

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Reviewed by Lydia Dixon

This company was recommended to me by a family friend. I was looking for a pest controller near me, since I wanted a quick check before proceeding with a service and I was told that these guys serve all around London. Wasn’t disappointed, they did arrive quite quickly and treated the area. I was able to enter my home the same day which was great and I’m very grateful.

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Reviewed by Susie Vanstone

I can say that it is the best company to call if you need a pest inspection to be done. This is the second time I am using 24/7 Pest Control. My first experience was great. The second time the overall service was good but the technician was 20 minutes late - the reason why I rated them with 4 stars. I will use them again.

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Reviewed by Natasha Byrne

Had a mice infestation of my property, I thought that it is just a couple of mouse that I had in ordinary traps. Called in for inspection, it turned out to be a bit worse than I thought. Nevertheless, the exterminators took care of it. I was lucky because we had the nest at an early stage so that pest technicians worked their magic! Keep up the good work!

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Reviewed by Keira S.

Was really pleased with the mouse extermination procedure performed. The guy they sent to the house did a great job of finding where the critters hide, sealed a couple of tiny openings and placed the baits. Several visits were needed to destroy the pest but that’s to be expected. For me, the important part was getting rid of the problem once and for all and I can safely say that this company managed to achieve this.

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Reviewed by Jessica Vaughan

WARNING DO NOT USE. DOES NOT PREVENT MICE. TOTAL SCAM!!! We have used 24/7 Pest Control twice and paid over £300. However, a little bit of research shows that urban mice are highly adaptable creatures. The ONLY WAY TO STOP THEM coming in is to block up ALL the holes. 24/7 Pest Control do a bit of proofing and then lay poison, they even have the cheek to tell you that there may be activity for a week or so while the poison works... then after a week the mice disappear, but only for a couple of months, just long enough for your guarantee to run out.. and then the mice come back... you phone annoyed and they give you a "reduced" rate... they lay poison... and the cycle continues... Our advice: pay £5 and lay your own poison, then save a bit of money (around £500) and block all holes with a reputable pest company or hire a good builder, go over every inch... it's the only way and will cost you less in the long run... we learned the hard way... hopefully you won't have to.

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Reviewed by A. Verence

I contacted 24/7 Pest Control to investigate a mice problem. I found the company to be reliable and overall, I am happy with the service. The pest technician was responsive and very knowledgeable. He did a thorough inspection and determined the source of the problem. I highly recommend!!!

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Reviewed by Susan Sutton

I was unfortunate enough to have rats in my house. The smell was the first thing that prompt my suspicions and after a quick examination by the exterminators we have concluded that we have a problem. The service was well planned and performed, I am happy with my choice of pest control company!

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Reviewed by Sebastian G.

It has been three weeks now since the treatment for bed bugs. It turned out to be a huge heat treatment job, something that I was afraid of. However, the pros from 24/7 Pest Control assured me that everything is going to be fine and scheduled my appointment so it can be as subtle for me as possible. No signs of bed bugs after the treatment and I am more than glad. Thank you so much for the professional work!

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Reviewed by wylag1

Hi, I gave a review of this service a few months ago, in August 2017. I was subsequently telephoned by Elliot who works for the organisation and was very keen to help. At this point, I had reported lots of large flies around my house, so I knew something somewhere had died(!) Elliot agreed to send another pest control guy which he did and I must add their staff seem very knowledgeable and experienced. The guy that came did take a good look around and put down more poison. He informed me that a rodent had probably died but was likely too far out of reach (under floorboards, or possibly behind the walls) to be able to do anything further and in time the flies would disappear, which they did - though that did take a couple of horrendous weeks. Elliot called again after that and I can only commend him for his concern which came across in his friendly and caring manner and genuine willingness to help. Thankfully I have had no problems again but would not hesitate to call 24/7 if I did. I have already recommended their service to a family member. Keep up the good work !

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Reviewed by C. Storey @ Chiswick

Thank you so much for saving my son's birthday party. We were planning a garden party for him and his friends. We were shocked to find a wasp nest the day before the celebration. Thank you 24/7 Pest Control for the quick responce!

Reviewed by R. Hanson @ Streatham

We had two different colonies of ants from the garden charging into the kitchen in search of food. I haven't seen an ant there since the technicians left three weeks ago. The service went smoothly, the guys were on time and they were pretty quick. Thanks! I would recommend you.

Reviewed by Lesley London

The pest control guy made 2 visits, one at the beginning of August (2017), the 2nd at the end August. Good service but not very good after sales service. I have been trying for 4 days to get hold of them and left 2 voicemail messages after being told on day one that someone would get back to me, but no joy thus far. The pest control guy was very helpful but at the 2nd visit he could tell a mouse had been in my house (as the poison he left after his first visit had been eaten). However after thoroughly checking the closed holes, he was scratching his head to find where it had gotten in and concluded that it must have been behind the kitchen cupboards which cannot be accessed. So he left without doing anything except putting another lot of food poison. I then went to their website and found that in such circumstances they can use an endoscope camera free of charge to look in difficult areas. So I called them back and asked if this could be done to which I was told yes but as stated in the beginning of this review, since then I have not been able to get hold of anyone to make arrangements. I also notice the website proudly proclaims they are 'discreet' in that they arrive in a non-branded vehicle. Whilst this may be the case (I didn't see the vehicle), what I did notice was the guy was wearing a t-shirt with their pest control logo on !! I just noticed the website says they check every area of the home, including the attic, he didn't check mine. Not sure what 'full service' comprises but I didn't get a 3 month guarantee. I will review again once I get hold of their '24/7' service.

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Reviewed by Pam Terrance

I will definitely recommend your service! Your technicians are real professionals, very discreet and efficient! I needed my problem with the bed bug infestation in my B&B quickly resolved because of the nature of my business. Your response was fast and I was able to make a booking for the next day. You did a perfect and very detailed job! My problem was resolved quickly without any substantial financial loss.

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Reviewed by J. Richard @ Greenwich

Excellent work by the exterminators! It has been one week after treatment, and I have not seen a single silverfish! It turned out that we have a damp in the bathroom and that prompted the silverfish to infest our property. The technicians even gave me advice on what to do next to prevent future infestation. Thank you, here is a 5-star review, for your work!

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