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Every feedback we receive helps us maintain the high level of customer service we deliver and design our services according to the needs of our customers. Over the years we have received many pest control London reviews that speak for themselves. You can easily become part of our group of satisfied clients by making a booking with us right this minute on 020 3404 6650! And if curious to read what other have said about us, check out the London pest control testimonials published below.

Reviewed by Tracy M.

It's my fourth service now on two different properties, I'm working the same technician the whole time. His name is Steven and I can say he's punctual, resourceful and very responsible about the pesticides he uses. Thumbs up!

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Reviewed by Sophie C.

If there is one thing I hate in this world it is cockroaches, and of course, I had to find an rental place with a cockroach infestation. I had no idea about it the first couple of weeks. Good thing it is for 247 Pest Control to come and bomb those roaches out! Thank you guys!

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Reviewed by R. Fletcher

Our home suddenly has become infected with rats and after reading reviews on Google we decided to contact 24/7 Pest Control. They have been very friendly, prompt and professional. Two months later there is no sign of rats, thanks!

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Reviewed by Evi Coles

Reviewed by Chester Nelson

Before moving out of my last house I booked their service to perform a professional fumigation. The technician did a proper job, inspected the whole house and the final result was remarkable. I think after his visit the house was in better condition than when I moved in it. I’m really happy with the job and the price was within my budget range. Will recommend!

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Reviewed by R. Lewis

Was looking for pest control near my area and managed to schedule a visit with this company. The guy they send me arrived pretty quickly, like within an hour of my call. I stated quite clearly I want an ASAP service and they delivered on that. Additionally they managed to do quite a thorough job - the entire house was checked top to bottom, rats were located and successfully removed with just three visits. I have nothing but good feelings for these guys, definitely recommend!

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Reviewed by Alice Burns

I saw a rat in my house on Monday and I called them immediately. The technician came on time, carefully inspect my house, blocked the possible entries and placed a few traps. I haven't seen the rat again since then and I am more than pleased with their pest control. The technician even gave me some useful advice on how to prevent rodents from coming into my home again! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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Reviewed by Mary R.

As soon as I’ve noticed an exterminators van parked in front of the neighbours, I had to look for pest control near me, I just knew trouble was close since we had been infested with fleas from neighbours’ cats before. And what do you know, as soon as I scheduled home inspection with 24/7 Pest Control they’ve managed to find cockroaches in the house. Luckily, they also managed to rid us of the pest that same day. I couldn’t be more grateful for this. Thank you.

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Reviewed by Hannah K.

I’m so glad I finally found a reliable company to help me get rid of the bed bugs in my house. Tried other companies but the insects kept crawling back. This time everything was done properly and no more signs of bugs in my home. Thanks!

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Reviewed by Virginia Murphy

This is the second time I order mouse extermination as the issue wasn’t managed quite well by the previous company. This time though I did my research and scheduled with these guys. The service is quite flexible, they let you choose how many treatments you want and I decided to go with the guaranteed procedure. Had an overall great experience, there has been a couple of months since their last visit and no rodents are lurking around the house. Would definitely recommend to everyone.

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Reviewed by Mel C.

I’m a business owner and used their services for the second time because they do the job fast and very professionally. I booked them to install some bird proofing and again they didn’t disappoint. The lads came after the closing hours and in no time finished with the job. Great service and good value for money!! For sure I’m recommending them!

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Reviewed by Samuel Wilkins

This was the third time I need the services for three different treatments, because I am truly satisfied of their work, the whole process and the prices. Highly recommend and if other problems occur I will surely book them again!! Thanks guys.

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Reviewed by Annie Jones, Croydon

Really liked how fast your exterminator turned to my house and the professionalism he showed when dealing with the dead fox in my garden shed. Discreet approach all the way and very thorough with the work. 10/10 service!

Reviewed by George Merchant

Received a really great treatment by 24/7 Pest Control's professionals. They've been really careful with our pet dog and the chap was polite and sensitive while taking care of the matter. Have nothing but good words for the service and would definitely recommend.

Reviewed by Hannah N., Redbridge

I felt unpleasantly surprised when I discovered some mice droppings in my house and needed someone to help me find a solution. I called here and there but finally booked a treatment with you and I'm so glad I did. From phone call to visit and complete extermination all went smoothly and professionally. Now I know a reliable company in Redbrige I can recommend to my friends.

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