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Every feedback we receive helps us maintain the high level of customer service we deliver and design our services according to the needs of our customers. Over the years we have received many pest control London reviews that speak for themselves. You can easily become part of our group of satisfied clients by making a booking with us right this minute on 020 3404 6650! And if curious to read what other have said about us, check out the London pest control testimonials published below.

Reviewed by Freddie Begum, Redbridge

It's getting harder these days to find a company that will provide the quality service they advertise. I was lucky to book a roaches treatment with 24/7 Pest Control as you did a thorough job, got me rid of the annoying bugs without breaking my budget.

Reviewed by Megan B. – Putney

If there's something worse than bed bugs it's bed bugs who reappear after treatment. I tried to solve the problem on my own but finally I gave up and called 24/7 Pest Control and now I'm so glad I did it. Since their visit no more bed bugs are ruining my comfort.

Reviewed by Grace Connor – Putney

I was having a hard time finding someone I can rely on to solve once and for all the mice problems I'm having. Luckily I found 24/7 Pest control and the pro who came did a marvellous job. No sign of mice since his visit.

Reviewed by Charlie F. – Orpington

I needed a local exterminator to help me get rid of a persistent rat problem. 24/7 Pest Control sent me a careful and experienced person who knew how to deal with it.

Reviewed by Samantha P. – Orpington

The pest control service I received from you is the best I got so far. I'm grateful for the quality treatment you provide and the fact your exterminator was local.

Reviewed by Sophia J., Mitcham

Thank you for sending me a skilled professional who can deal with the problem carefully and thoroughly as this bed bug problem was making my stay in the rental very unpleasant.

Reviewed by Logan Brooks

I had to call 24/7 Pest Control in Mitcham because I saw a rat in my house. The guy who came found out a nest and dealt with the problem immediately. A big relief for me and my wife.

Reviewed by Harvey Yates @ Luton

A couple of weeks ago I discovered some mice trails inside my house and I decided to deal with the problem on my own. Bought some mice traps but I couldn't catch a single one. So I called and got a prompt response from 24/7 Pest Control. My house was treated and now I don't have to worry about nasty little creatures crawling near the kitchen.

Reviewed by Amy Ryan, Luton LU1

This summer wasps have turned into a big problem for me and I got tired of trying to escape them. So I called a few companies but finally I opted to go with 24/7 Pest Control as they had been highly recommended by friends. Now I can spend some quality time in my garden without any fear of wasps. Thanks guys!

Reviewed by Danna Marshall

Great results from the pest controllers that 24/7 Pest control in Hillingdon sent me. Very professional and thorough. They checked every nook and cranny in the house. I have no complaints whatsoever. The entire experience was good. Five stars!

Reviewed by Monica, Hillingdon

24/7 Pest Control really mean what they say. Everything they promised was delivered and I find that amazing. The Council should have you as an example for adequate services. They can't treat any pest problem. Thank you 24/7 Pest control for removing the wasp nest from our terrace.

Reviewed by Mathew

I've heard people from Haringey complain about mice problems and now they found me too. I've been hearing them at night and seeing their droppings all over the house. Thanks to 24/7 Pest Control and the professional exterminators that they sent me, the house has been clean and quiet for a week now. They did a good job and I would recommend them for such problems.

Reviewed by Marry and Louis

This year we had a silverfish infestation. It was so disgusting. We heard about your pest control services in Haringey and called right away. We are pleased with the job your exterminators did and wanted to give you five stars. You really did help us a lot and we appreciate it.

Reviewed by Jack R. from Feltham

I have been allergic to wasps and bees my whole life and have always tried to stay away from them but now they have found me in my own home. Even though I live on the fifth floor... Your exterminators saved me from this problem. Thank you very much. I hope they don't show up again, but if they do I will contact you again. I really liked your prices and how your team worked.

Reviewed by James L.K.

I run a small coffee shop in Feltham and use your inspection service at least once or twice a year. Just yesterday I had it again and I was pleased with the team's punctuality. You've been helping me a lot and I wanted to come and say Thank you. You deserve the highest rating.

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