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Every feedback we receive helps us maintain the high level of customer service we deliver and design our services according to the needs of our customers. Over the years we have received many pest control London reviews that speak for themselves. You can easily become part of our group of satisfied clients by making a booking with us right this minute on 020 3404 6650! And if curious to read what other have said about us, check out the London pest control testimonials published below.

Reviewed by Chuck R., Camden

I was in need of an asap local pest control service in Camden and found this company. I called and I booked, it was an easy process. After two days the exterminators came and did their job. It really looks that they have managed to get rid of all roaches. I haven't seen one since their visit. Thanks, 24/7 Pest Control for the work.

Reviewed by Camilla Bartlett, Camden area

Your technicians assured me that the products they use will not harm my family, and I want to thank you for that. Other companies couldn't promise me that and that's why I chose your service. Thanks for everything, you are awesome!

Reviewed by Alfie R. from Bexleyheath

I've had three visits from these guys already. They promised follow up visits and the last one just ended. The technicians established that the problems were over and now I can sleep knowing that there are not vermin in the house. Thumbs up for the customer service!

Reviewed by Shane and Hannah, Bexleyheath

We opted for this company as it came highly recommended by a friend of ours. We had pretty high expectations for the service and they were all met, surprisingly. Really nice guys. Friendly and punctual. Did a detailed inspection of the house and even blocked the entryways of pests. We hope this will put an end to our troubles. Good company, good service.

Reviewed by Jeff Donovan, Beckenham

I was pleased with the service that I got from 24/7 Pest Control. A punctual team, a thorough inspection, a fair price. I couldn't have asked for more. From now on I will be recommending this company for the Beckenham area, they do a great job at a reasonable price.

Reviewed by Emma Thornton, Beckenham

My biggest fear is bugs, roaches, mice, and all other kinds of pest. My husband noticed that we had mice in the house and I wanted to get a treatment asap. Luckily, we found your company and you had a team available for the next day. Thank you very much for the adequate and quick action. I feel much better now knowing that there will be no more mice in my house.

Reviewed by Daisy W., from the Balham area

The girl on the phone was very friendly and helped me a lot. The exterminators who came and treated the house for the cockroaches were also great. Overall, my experience with the 24/7 pest control was a good one and the price I paid wasn't too high. I'd give them five stars and would recommend them.

Reviewed by Don, Balham

We booked an inspection and when the team discovered a rats nest, we booked a treatment right away. Luckily for us, the guys were available and did it the same day. We are happy with our choice, your company helped us a lot and for a very affordable price. Thanks!

Reviewed by Connor, Newham

I moved to the Newham area four years ago and hadn't had any problems until this summer. The house got woodworms eating up the roof timber. We called 24/7 Pest Control for an emergency appointment and they were super responsive and came asap. I want to thank the company and the local technicians, they did a splendid job and the price was fair.

Reviewed by Haley Winslet, Newham

I couldn't get out of work on a weekday and was only home on weekends last week when we found out that we had rats in the house and your company was the only one that agreed to come and treat the house on Saturday. Thanks for everything, the house seems a lot quieter now.

Reviewed by Adam, Merton area

Your Merton pest control treatment is amazing! For weeks our house was terrorised by cockroaches and after your exterminators treated the entire premise I hadn't seen any. It's good to have such a reliable pest control service in the area. I promise to recommend your company to friends and neighbours.

Reviewed by Will B. from Merton

For a pest control company in Merton, I have to say that you are pretty good. I have used the council's service and they didn't do the job I wanted but charged me quite a lot of money. I turned to your services after a recommendation and was left satisfied. The mice seem to have really disappeared this time, so thank you. Great service and great prices!

Reviewed by Jess Watson, Epsom

I loved your quick reaction and friendly service, guys. Keep up the good work. Last Wednesday I called for an emergency bed bug treatment and you guys did a fantastic job. I want to give you five stars for the service!

Reviewed by Lizzie, Epsom

I must say that the local pest exterminators in Epsom have helped me a few times over the years because wasps keep coming back to our house every summer. I don't know why that is, but only after using 24/7 Pest Control, have they stopped showing up. Thank you 24/7 pest controllers for getting rid of the problem.

Reviewed by Susan

I have been living in Dagenham for all of my life but I do not remember ever having problems with pests. For the past two years every summer we are surrounded by wasps. I was afraid to let the kids out in the garden. After the exterminators took care of the problem, I can say with certainty that we'll have a fun end of the summer outdoors. Thanks for saving our garden and home.

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