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Every feedback we receive helps us maintain the high level of customer service we deliver and design our services according to the needs of our customers. Over the years we have received many pest control London reviews that speak for themselves. You can easily become part of our group of satisfied clients by making a booking with us right this minute on 020 3404 6650! And if curious to read what other have said about us, check out the London pest control testimonials published below.

  • 5 star review  I have used this service three times already as I have been unlucky when moving homes with mice. They've always solved the problem quickly and their follow up visit helped track any possible new holes and touch up previous ones. Staff has been friendly and helpful.

    thumb Christina Panagopoulou

  • 5 star review  Hello! I had nothing else to do than to leave you guys a good review! Thank you for taking care of the wasp nest in the backyard! Thank god it was reachable. For a single mom that venture is near to impossible, and honestly, I don't advise anyone to tackle a nest alone!

    thumb Eleanor T.

  • 5 star review  I panicked after I found out that my home is infested with bed bugs. After I started to think rationally, I did online research. Then I got a couple of bed bug treatment quotes from different companies. The one from 24/7 Pest Control was the most promising one, so I booked their heat treatment for the next day. The technicians came on time, explained to me the process and even asked me if I have any questions. After a couple of hours, I was able to lay on the bed without worrying about the nasty creatures. The service was excellent and there are no signs of bed bugs. I am more than thankful to 24/7 Pest Control and their team of professionals. The price is fair and I most certainly will recommend their services to everyone.

    thumb Garret King

  • 5 star review  Huge THANKS to the pros at 247 Pest Control! I have just been freed from the heavy rule of a wasp queen. I tried to remove the nest on my own and had to run, fast! I recommend calling the professionals in, talking from experience.

    thumb T. Vincent

Reviewed by Lesley P. from Harrow

The exterminator you sent me was extremely careful and thorough while working, I could tell he meant to do his job well. He managed to rid our home of a persistent mice infestation in just a few visits! Guaranteed treatment indeed.

Reviewed by N. Willmore

Got a local exterminator with the help of 24/7 Pest control and were quite pleased with the job done. The premises were proofed and professional advice was given. We loved the attention and professionalism of the pros and would definitely recommend their services to anyone.

Reviewed by Natalie from Croydon

Was looking for a pest controller near me as we needed to rid of a mice nest asap. We booked with 24/7 Pest Control who promised to send an expert quickly. The chap arrived at stated time and dealt with the mice effectively, we haven't had a problem ever since.

Reviewed by Paul Steadman

We tried to deal with a bed bug problem on our own but eventually had to book a professional service as the pesky insects refuse to die. 24/7 Pest Control sorted out the infestation faster than we anticipated initially and it didn't cost us a fortune.

Reviewed by Hellen J.

For some reason, exterminators in St. John's Wood are always busy so we had a hard time finding someone reliable. We reached 24/7 Pest Control who are a reputable company here in the area and they managed to send us an exterminator the next day. The chap sorted out our pest problem efficiently, for which we're grateful!

Reviewed by Lena Lewis-Hayat

Wasps are a common issue here in Manchester, we have a wasps nest at least once a year. We always call 24/7 Pest Control as they send out local exterminators who arrive fast and just do the job properly.

Reviewed by Beverly

We called 24/7 Pest Control in Manchester to deal with a persistent rat problem after calling a few companies without success. The local professional they sent us managed to locate a hidden nest which was the root cause of our problems. He came several times to treat but managed to deal with the issue. Thank you!

Reviewed by Garry Topham, Liverpool

Got a house full of kids and a mice nest, unfortunately. We tried to deal with the problem only to find out that they are extremely smart and don't go near our traps. Called the 24/7 Pest Control's pros and they sorted the issue professionally.

Reviewed by A. Sealey, Liverpool area.

Had to deal with a wasp issue asap and decided to call 24/7 Pest Control as they were the only one available at that time. They arrived quickly and delt with the nest without a fuss. 10/10 Service!

Reviewed by Jeanne

We had a huge bed bugs problem in our vacation rental in Leeds and called 24/7 Pest Control as soon as we received a complaint. Luckily, the exterminator was really understanding of our situation and arrived in a discreetly branded car to treat the house. Did a marvellous work. Thank you! The situation was taken under control and there were no more complaints.

Reviewed by Lawrence Hill

As a business owner, I need to make sure our premises are pest-free and protected at all times. The 24/7 Pest Control team in Leeds successfully helps me achieve that for several years now, while making it extremely easy for me. Thank you for your support through the years, guys, you are the best!

Reviewed by Farah Thompson from Birmingham

When they say emergency service, they really mean it. The exterminator arrived the same day to treat our rat problem and managed to do a great work with locating the nests. Haven't seen any rats ever since.

Reviewed by Joey C.

Was looking for a reliable exterminator in Birmingham and got a recommendation for 24/7 Pest Control. The pro they sent us did a quality work and didn't rip us off.

Reviewed by Yakub Zolynski

Very good person on the phone, specialist arrived within a few hours and he was nothing short of excellent. He was really informative, explained the whole process and did an incredibly thorough job of filling any mouse entry holes with metal wool and foam. He and went over and above expectations agreeing to Hoover under the kitchen skirting boards for us at no extra charge. Highly recommend the company and specifically Neven who serviced our apartment for mice.

Source: Google Listing

Reviewed by Mrs Mills

These guys are great! Very professional service. Easy booking process and pleasant operators.

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