Reviews for 24/7 Pest Control UK

Our customers say Excellent
4.4 out of 5 based on 53 reviews
Brett L.
24/7 Pest Control is a reliable and trustworthy company with staff that provides excellent customer
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Rachel A.
The service I received from 24/7 Pest Control was exceptional. The technician went above and beyond
what was required ? resolving all my issues. I would highly recommend this company!
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Jessica J.
24/7 Pest Control is always a pleasure to work with. The technicians are incredibly knowledgeable an
d professional. I couldn?t recommend them highly enough.
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Reviewed by Angela L.
The service was excellent. Scheduling an appointment online was quick and easy. The appointment went well, all information communicated simply and efficiently.
Reviewed by Charleen K.
24/7 Pest Control has the best service in town. Yonko was amazing. He came immediately, found the source of the problem, and took care of it promptly. He made me feel at ease in my own home. Thank you 24/7 Pest Control!
Reviewed by Margaret D.
The 24/7 Pest Control service I received was second to none. They were here straight away after my call. The technician was amazing and immediately identified the problem I had. He dealt with it swiftly and professionally. He put my mind at ease throughout!
Reviewed by William K.
The customer services were excellent ? The response time when calling with a problem is brilliant.
Reviewed by Sherman C.
I had a problem with mice and rats in my house. When I called the 24/7 pest control company, they sent the pro immediately to inspect the location and discuss our options for moving forward. He laid out a clear plan and discussed what would happen if different scenarios came to pass. Highly recommend!
Reviewed by Grady R.
Each time the technician visit us, we know that we can count on a friendly, efficient, and compelling inspection.
Reviewed by Sonia B.
Our technician always treats us with respect, courtesy, and professionalism, which we much appreciate. We have a close working relationship that is built on trust and mutual understanding of requirements.
Reviewed by Cheryl K.
Friendly and professional service from 24/7 Pest Contol! The technician not only checked the property three times, but he checked it thoroughly and answered all of my questions. I wouldn?t hesitate to call if I needed these guys again. I would thoroughly recommend 24/7 Pest Control to others.
Reviewed by Marjorie M.
24/7 Pest Control took care of our mouse problem in the house. The technician found three entrances and blocked up all possible holes, and communicated well with me. He was very helpful and friendly. I'm pleased with how he did the job.
Reviewed by Douglas M.
Excellent service was provided by 24/7 Pest Control today. The technician was very knowledgeable and willing to offer advice in a friendly, personable manner.