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Pest Control in Romford

Efficient Pest Control in Romford RM1

If you are having pest-related issues in your home or business property calling professional exterminators will take care of them right away. The pest control team in Romford RM1 guarantees great results at bargain prices. Booking an exterminator in RM1 means your property will receive:

  1. Quality treatment
  2. Your home will be pest proofed and protected
  3. A service performed by skilled pest controllers with years of experience

The technicians have treated rodent and insect infestations from properties of every size and type like private homes, pubs, restaurants, hotels and office buildings.

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5 Reasons To Opt For The Local Pest Services We Offer

  1. You will be able to choose between a wide range of services such as: bed bug fumigation, ant removal, spider extermination, fleas, treating woodworm, cockroaches and many more.
  2. Our Romford exterminators will find all vermin entry ways to your property and seal them.
  3. The technicians use non-toxic and efficient treatments.
  4. An outstanding reputation thanks to the top-quality services and the satisfied clients.

5. You can choose between a emergency treatment or full-service treatment with a 3-month guarantee.

We understand you have a busy schedule and for that reason we're offering flexible booking slots. The RM1 technicians can help with any type of property including small apartment or run a multi story administrative building.

Here is how we do it

  • Entry points detection - using our equipment the exterminator will do an inspection and discover nesting spots and all entry points and seal them.
  • Treatment - we exterminate all kinds of common for the Romford area pests with appropriate pesticides, baits and traps, or other treatments.
  • Dead animal removal - the removal of a dead specimen is booked as an additional service if we have to come back and get it done.
  • Treating the areas to prevent re-infestation and giving you full information about what the technicians are doing, as well as pre- and post -extermination instructions.

Your local pest control expert in Romford

Meet our most experienced technician in the Romford area - Jim. He is 34 years old and has almost 10 years of practice in the fight against pests. He has been working with our local 24/7 Pest Control team for years and is interested in the innovative and ever-changing technology that we use to fight the different kinds of pests. He also enjoys helping people but his passion is working with the special equipment.

“I am so happy to be helping people and business owners keep their properties clean and protected but I am even happier that I get to use different gadgets and tools to do so.”, says Jim.

What we use when we treat your property

We have a range of pest control services in the Romford area. We are professionals and we know that each type of vermin requires different approaches, pesticides and equipment. For the most treatment services, we use rodent traps, bird netting, fire gels but sometimes depending on the infestation we can use more specific ones:

  • Powerful pest control products that have a long-lasting residual effect and will protect the property for many months to come;
  • Endoscope cameras - are optional and are used to detect the presence, breeding grounds and hiding spots;
  • We use appropriate heaters in our heat treatment. They are suitable for bed bugs and all kinds of insect eradication.
We discovered that we had bed bugs in our house and we called 24/7 Pest Control right away because my husband is allergic and we needed the house treated right away. A lovely team was sent to our house and they did an inspection and treated the house. We are grateful for the quick response and the short-notice appointment. Thank you!

Olivia and Bryce, Romford 

Your company was highly recommended and praised by a few of our neighbours and we took their advice when our home got infested with fleas. The two technicians who came seemed very professional and well equipped. They did not stand idle, they spend less than two hours in our home and were working non stop. Great service. Thank you.

Amanda Rowland from Romford 

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