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Guaranteed Pest Control in Southwark SE1

If you are struggling with a pest infestation in your home or business property, the experienced pest control specialists in Southwark SE1 and 24/7 Pest Control will provide you with the help that you need. Leave such risky tasks to the professionals. You can choose among a variety of pest treatments. We are offering you first-class services at reasonable rates and emergency appointments.
To make sure your home will receive the quality treatment it requires, we follow a step by step procedure, which includes:

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  • Inspect the premises and detect all entry points of the vermin

  • Control procedure and removal of the intruder

  • Proof the infested premises, protecting from future problems

  • Share expert advice on pest prevention

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I was looking for an affordable pest inspection service and I found it with your company. I appreciate your reasonable quotes. And the quality of the inspection was quite high. The technicians seemed professional and were very punctual. I am happy that I chose your company.

Robert from Southwark 

I live in the Southwark area and half of our street has had mice problems for the past months. Everyone was dealing with the problem however they could. We decided to call professionals and booked a treatment with 24/7 Pest Control. We found it great and efficient. Plus the cost was fair.

Emma W. 

We Treat All Groups of Pests

There are different groups of pests and unfortunately, a few specimens of each group are quite common in the SE1 area. The residents have been fighting with the different types of vermin but now you can turn to the professional exterminators working with 24/7 Pest Control in the entire area and have your property thoroughly inspected and cleared from all unwanted intruders.

For years the inhabitants in Southwark have been complaining of cockroaches infesting their homes and rental properties. Office buildings and commercial properties have struggled with rats and mice infestations. You can save yourself all these troubles - that is why we are here. Our services are suitable for small and large premises.


This group includes some of the most common for the area pests - cockroaches, bed bugs (which can appear anywhere) and flies. Our company can send a trained and vetted exterminator who will work with professional equipment and insecticides to get rid of any type of insect infestation.


Rats and mice are bothering people everywhere, including Southwark. They carry diseases and can leave a mess in your home and you should take measures as soon as you notice the first signs of infestations. We will send a specialist who will block all entry points and take care of the problem.


Birds can be nice to have around but if their presence is too much, and also depending on the bird type, they can be mischievous as well. We have a solution for unwanted bird presence as well. We use special fire gel and spikes to keep the birds away from your property.

*We do not kill the birds, we simply use professional deterrent measures.

Turn to Your Local 24/7 Pest Control for Help

  • The professionals located in Southwark are ready for emergency services and arrive quickly. Having exterminators ready to work in the SE1 area makes it very convenient for the residents who need an ASAP service.
  • At 24/7 Pest Control you can book two types of services - a emergency and a full treatment. You decide which one you’ll use but we will give you a recommendation depending on the pest specie and level of infestation.
    *Note that our full treatment includes up to two free follow-up visits in the period of three months.
  • You can schedule property inspection separately and pay only for that or have it for free as part of a treatment. If you are just suspecting an issue but aren’t certain, this is the way to go.
  • For your greater convenience, we have made sure that we offer answers to various vermin-related problems. We have a range of after treatment procedures such as cleaning of the treated premises, dead animal removal, rodent and bird proofing. All you need to do is request them when contacting us.

Treatments in Southwark are easily scheduled

It has never been easier to book an emergency pest control service in the entire area. At 24/7 Pest Control, it is incredibly convenient for you to book a service or get a free quote. Here are the easy ways you can receive a quote.

Fill in our contact form or press the Get a Quote button to receive an approximate price. It is easy, quick and you do not have to talk to anyone and wait on the phone.

Or you can call us on 020 3404 6650 to receive a free quote for pest control and talk to a friendly operator who will answer all of your additional questions. Our call centre works 24/7 and our assistants can help you with emergencies as well. Do not hesitate to call us now.

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