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Why Choose our Wasps Control Service

A painful sting ruined your family’s backyard brunch? Worry not – hire us for wasp control in London immediately. We are the #1 wasp extermination and nest treatment experts in London and surrounding boroughs.

Wasps are large flying insects with powerful venom that can pose a severe risk to people with allergies. In the UK alone, wasp-related deaths per year are twice as many as bee-related death cases. Don’t risk your health – call qualified wasp control experts who can handle the situation – safely, efficiently, and affordably!

Unlike other types of pests, trying to get rid of a wasp infestation yourself can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening. DIY pesticides rarely do more than agitate the nest, and wasp traps can only decrease the population but not eradicate the colony. With 24/7 Pest Control wasp extermination service, you ensure your family is safe from venomous stings!

If you have any doubts about the origin of the nest, you can benefit from the wasp nest inspection service. If the nest on your property turns out to be an actual beehive, the technicians will advise your further actions. Remember that bees are protected and can’t be treated as wasps.

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Richard J.
24/7 Pest Control is a great pest control company. They provide excellent service, and the technicia
ns are fantastic. One of their most important qualities is their honesty ? they won?t try to upsell you, but they will explain what has happened on each visit, including any proofing issues.
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Ann H.
That ant invasion was getting out of hand.24/7 Pest Control was on the job and got it taken care of
expertly. They took charge and resolved our ant problem in the most effective, safe way possible.
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Joseph L.
Excellent, efficient service. Ivan, the technician, was kind, easy-going and helpful. Very pleased a
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How Our Wasp Control Service Work

A wasp is one of those insects you don’t want to mess with. If you discover a wasp nest, call a pest control company immediately. Dealing with the nest on your own is not recommended, so we strongly suggest you call 24/7 pest control to handle the problem:

  • We can remove the wasps from your property the same day you book our service! After a thorough wasp nest inspection, the pest technician will determine the most appropriate treatment method.
  • The specialists spray an insecticide on the wasp nests to neutralise the flying pests in no time. As part of the safety measures we follow, during the service, the exterminator wears protective gear to prevent being attacked by wasps.
  • A wasp control service usually only requires one visit, but if you think wasps are still buzzing around your property, you can ask for a follow-up visit.
  • You will receive some tips and methods for preventing wasp infestation in the future.
Treating wasps in the attic
Wasps nest next to a window

The Perks of our Wasp Nest Treatment Service

  • An effective procedure that aims to get rid of wasps in a single visit using a powder solution;
  • All wasp exterminators we work with are fully trained and equipped;
  • Book our wasp nest treatment in London on weekends, evenings and holidays;
  • We follow the COSHH (Control of Substance Hazardous to Health) guidelines;
  • Our customer care centre operates 24 hours a day for your convenience;
Wasp in the backyard

Difference Between Wasps and Bees

Many confuse wasps and bees and call wasp extermination services for bee colonies and vice versa. Bees are generally less aggressive; unlike wasps, they can sting only once.

The easiest way to make the difference between the two subfamilies is to look at their appearance – bee colouring is duller, and their bodies appear to have hair that wasps lack. Also, the bodies of wasps are slender, with a narrow waist that connects the two segments.

Bees are usually not considered pests due to their beneficial nature, but they can still threaten your family.

Important Facts about Wasp Prevention

If you have a wasp infestation, do not try to battle it yourself – call 24/7 Pest Control for a safe wasp nest treatment. It is also a good idea to take measures against possible future infestations. Here are several tips on wasp prevention you can easily follow:

#1 Check for nests – check your home, garden, and backyard. Wasps prefer such locations to build their nests. Make sure you check your garage and barn as well. Early detection of a nest can save you a lot of trouble later on.

#2 Keep your windows and doors shut – install nets if needed. Wasps are attracted to indoor locations where they look for food.

#3 Secure your bins – wasps are attracted by all types of rotting food. An opened bin can easily attract vespulas that will scavenge your junk for a free meal and lead to a booming population of stingers in your area.

#4 Should you notice a wasp nest, do not try to remove it yourself. Wasps are easily agitated, and once a wasp stings you, the insects quickly follow. Numerous stings can lead to serious health problems and death, even if you are not allergic to wasps.

Wasp getting inside the house

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Will wasps return to a sprayed nest?
Wasps never return to an old nest. They built a new one the following year. Whether the nest is treated or not, they leave it at the end of the season and hibernate. The wasps may, however, return to the same area if it’s suitable to build a new nest.
What scent will keep wasps away?
Basil, citronella, eucalyptus, peppermint, and wormwood are all scents wasps dislike. The smell of white vinegar is also repulsive to them. It has also been proven that lemongrass, cloves, and geranium combined repel wasps.
What attracts wasps in the house?
Meat and sugary drinks are especially appealing to wasps. They will build their nest close to food sources and shelter if plenty of them are nearby.
Does killing a wasp attract more?
When a wasp is killed, it releases pheromones that attract other wasps nearby. The death of one wasp can result in the attempted attack of dozens of others. Repelling them instead of killing them can be sensible if you are terrified of wasps.