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Inspection, removal and prevention of woodworm infestation

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Why Choose our Woodworm Treatment

24/7 Pest Control offers a comprehensive woodworm treatment in London which aims to destroying the infestation and halting the damage posed from wood-boring insects. We offer:

  • Emergency, same-day availability for a woodworm treatment
  • Complete procedure including property inspection
  • Woodworm specialists available in London and surrounding areas

Wood-boring beetle and their larvae, also known as woodworm, live and lay their eggs inside house woodwork. They feed on wood material, boring holes which cause not only cosmetic but structural damage as well.

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Very friendly. Always reliable and do a great job for a very reasonable price, Highly recommended. Show Less
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Ivan is a very good professional. He put my mind at rest by explaining every detail carefully and clearly. Show Less
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How Does Our Woodworm Treatment Works

INSPECTION: For a successful woodworm treatment, we start with a careful top-to-bottom property check. We determine the type of woodworm and the severity of the infestation in order to choose the most appropriate eradication method.

TREATMENT: Once the problem has been identified, your woodworm specialist will proceed with the proper treatment technique in order to destroy the infestation. This usually includes injecting the timber-based items in the property with a powerful repellent. Our solutions have a long-lasting residual effect and will protect your wooden materials from further problems.

PREVENTION: Treating woodworm isn’t the end of our job. Once we remove the threat, your woodworm specialist will give you some valuable tips and pointers on how to protect your property from future infestations. If you’ve booked our insured service, we will be able to visit you another two times for the next three months – free of charge – this will ensure a complete eradication of the woodworm population.


Types of Woodworm Damage in Homes & Commercial Properties

  • Damage to antiques and furniture made of wood
  • Structural weakening of roof timbers and other softwood elements
  • Damage to hardwood flooring and other wide-pored wood elements

Damage type and severity are highly dependable on the variety of wood and the woodworm species infesting it. Most of the times you can spot the signs of infestations such as holes, wood dust and even tiny beetles emerging. In other cases, the wood-boring insects tunnel through the centre part of the timber, causing more damage than it can appear from the outside – if untreated, woodworm can cause a great amount of destruction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of woodworm infestations?

There are several ways to know if your home has been infested with these wood destroying creatures. One of them is the distinct scratching sound they make when boring into the wood or looking for a mate. Another sign are the tiny holes they leave when exiting to the wood’s surface -- around 2mm in diameter and surrounded with a fine dust powder.

How to get rid of woodworm?

Although they are many products available on the market, it’s best to leave this one to professionals. The products that pest control companies use to get rid of woodworm have a long-lasting residual effect that will protect the timber for long — something that store purchased chemicals won’t do.

How do we treat woodworm?

Тo destroy all signs of wood-boring beetles and their larvae, we use a three-step method of extermination that includes: Inspection Treatment Prevention

What is the cost of woodworm treatment?

The cost of treating woodworm in London varies and depends on the size the property and the type of treatment we implement. Check <a title="Pest Control Prices London" href="https://www.247pestcontrol.co.uk/our-prices/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">our prices</a> in order to get a general idea but bear in mind that the cost may vary. You will receive an exact quote once you contact us and we calculate your individual offer.</p>