About us

About 24/7 Pest Control

At 24/7 Pest Control, we come to work with a single goal in mind - to rid local residents of pest problems quickly and effectively.

We are a collective of professional pest exterminators located all around the London’s boroughs, wards and neighbourhoods. We are local because it means a faster service that costs less for you -- our customer.

And when dealing with pests, quality and quickness matter.

Pest infestations grow fast and grow strong, resilient to chemicals. Londoners are prone to deal with infestations on their own, only to find out that store-bought products don’t achieve much anymore. Pests evolve constantly, develop immunity to products and spread like fire, which requires a quick and powerful response.
This is where the local exterminators shine -- we and our partners have the know-how to destroy infestations of various types and sizes. We know how to locate the pest’s nest, we are knowledgeable about the weaknesses of the species in question, and we know how to exterminate the infestation effectively. In our work, we utilise powerful insecticides and rodenticides that obtain a long lasting residual effect -- they destroy the infestation and protect your home and business for long months.

Additionally, we can be of help with our range of after treatments and prevention methods. The goal is to erase the traces of any infestation and make sure your property is safe, clean and protected from pests. The list of additional work we can do for you includes:

  • Property pest inspection
  • Rodent proofing solutions
  • Dead animal removal
  • Pest sanitation

You can contact us and learn more by dialling 020 3404 6650, filling our contact form or by using our web chat option. Our staff will respond to your queries as quickly as possible and will answer all your questions regarding the company or services we offer.