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Why Choose Our Rat Control Service

Rats are one of the most invasive pest species in terms of domestic infestations. Over the past years, their population in urban areas have increased significantly. They bear illnesses and destruction and breed often, which grows the rat colony fast. If you feel like your home is also their home and you have a rat problem, don’t hesitate to call us for an expert rat extermination. Let the London professionals:

  • Assess the risk for you, your family, and your property;
  • Perform effective rat control techniques to eliminate the rodents;
  • Help you prevent future infestations and ensure a safe environment.

We’ve been dealing with rats and other pesky rodents for years and we know how to eradicate them safely. With our professional rat extermination services in London, your home will be rat-free again in no time.

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Amazing service, Ivan was fantastic, punctual, reliable and informative. Would highly recommend Ivan
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24/7 Pest Control is a great pest control company. They provide excellent service, and the technicia
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How Our Rat Extermination Solves Your Problems

Fortunately, we are able to help with one of the most comprehensive rat control London has to offer. Your personal rat exterminator will follow a strict procedure in order to get rid of the rodents. Here’s what to expect:

  • The pest exterminator will perform a complete check-up of your property using the latest industry equipment to locate each and every problem zone and mark it for treatment. He will assess the threat and will pick the most suitable method of rat control. Upon request, he can bring an endoscopic camera to assist him with the task;
  • All rat entry zones will be sealed with durable materials such as expanding foam, wire wool, and other sealants to make sure no rodents will manage to escape our rat control procedures;
  • Your London rat exterminator will then perform the proper rat removal techniques to get rid of all the pesky rodents on the premises. He will make sure that you are constantly informed during the process;
  • Your expert will give you some practical tips on how to avoid future infestations of rats and mice, and how to keep your home safe and pest-free. A full rat control treatment may take up to three weeks so your exterminator will return to inspect your property once again and check if everything is okay. He will get rid of all rodent carcases for you and will evaluate the results of his work;
  • If you’ve booked our guaranteed rat removal service in London, then you are able to request two additional rat control treatments for a period of three months after the first procedure. Make sure to use those in order to fully get rid of the rat infestation;
  • Upon request, we can install pest-proofing materials at great rates. We use items such as door brush seals to further protect your home from future rat problems.
  • Request additional cleaning services after the rat treatment and get the treated zones professionally cleaned. A team of professionals will clean all treated areas and make sure there are no pest traces left.
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Our Rat Extermination in London Explained

Our 24/7 Pest Control company in London and the surrounding areas aims to help people eliminate their rat problems effectively. Our experience gives us the knowledge to quickly find the rodent’s weakest spots and use them to fight against rat infestations in homes. We know how dangerous these creatures can be to you and your home, so we ensure excellent results when performing our professional rat control service from start to finish.

It is critical to locate and seal their hiding spots because this leads to successful rat extermination. That’s why the local exterminators will check the property for any rodent-sized openings and will try to seal those to prevent the pest from entering – this takes place in every rat removal service we conduct.

The Dangers of a Rat Infestation

A rat problem in your house is serious and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Besides compromising your home’s safety and spreading diseases and allergies, rats are also known as destruction bearers. The whole life cycle of rats, from their nesting habits to their diet, is harmful to people and properties. They wreak havoc in their way, gnawing on everything they can see – wood, electric cables, pipes, and paper are just a tiny portion of their daily menu. Rats in the garden are another problem you may face if you have a garden on your property. The bad news is that they spread quickly, and the damage grows proportionally to the rat colony. That is why it is advisable to schedule rat removal services as soon as you spot them because professional rat exterminators will know how to deal with them effectively before they cause more harm. The same goes in the event of a mice infestation.

Signs of Rats in the House

When you first spot the signs of a rat’s presence, it’s best to take action immediately before it becomes a full-on rat infestation. The signs that you have a rat problem are:

  • Gnawing marks – rats have incisors that never stop growing. As a result, they require something hard to chew on regularly – cables, wood, even pipes;
  • Noises – rats can climb walls, so you might hear scratching noises coming from the walls;
  • Rat Droppings – the shape and size of black olives. If you hear noises, see chewed cables but don’t find droppings, it’s probably rats, not mice. A rat’s protectiveness makes them better hiding creatures, so they do not like to be noticed;
  • Footprints – like any other animal, rats leave footprints. Typically, they are found in dusty areas, like basements or attics;
  • Smears – since rats have poor vision, they tend to follow the same path when moving. Continually moving along the same tracks leaves spots on surfaces.

A full-blown rat infestation leads to costly repairs because rats cause immense property damage, leaving big holes in your walls and pockets.In the event of rat infestation, contacting a local rat exterminator is always the best solution.;

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Rats are a pest that comes into your home for food and shelter, so they like to hide in walls, basements and attics. They can be a severe health hazard and should not be allowed inside. Get familiar with their habits and signs of rat infestation.


Can rats climb walls?
Rats are skilled climbers capable of climbing up walls and squeezing into narrow spaces. They have sharp nails and dermal ridges that aid in grabbing vertical surfaces. A rat can climb any wall with an uneven texture.
What attracts rats to your house?
Food and water are the primary reasons rats enter properties. They will chew just about anything to get access to food and water. They also seek shelter to protect themselves, especially during the winter months.
How do you know if the rats are gone?
Try spreading flour overnight on your floor and in areas you think rats are more likely to pass through to find out if they are still lurking there. If you still have rats, they will leave a trail, but by following their footprints, you can identify where they’re hiding.
Do rats go in clean houses?
Rats are often attracted to dirty properties because they offer potential food sources. Even well-kept homes can provide opportunities for these pests to feed. Store food securely and clean spills immediately. Any food left out overnight or not fully sealed in containers can attract hungry rodents.