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You can keep birds and rodents out of your house with our pest-proofing service, carried out by professionals.

  • Preventative measures against mice, rats and birds
  • A one-year PEST-FREE guarantee on pest-proofing services
  • Preventing birds from nesting and roosting on buildings in London

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How our pest-proofing service works

Our pest-proofing service is crucial to preventing rodents or birds from returning to your property following treatment. To determine the present state of affairs, we begin with a comprehensive pest inspection.

Next, we employ specific materials to carry out the pest-proofing process. Rats, mice, and squirrels can all be effectively deterred with rodent-proof mesh, while pigeons can be kept at bay by bird spikes or nets. By doing this, you can be sure that any possible rodent damage to your pipes and cables is prevented.

Prior to and following the pest-proofing, the exterminator will conduct a thorough inspection. After the proofreading is finished, you’ll receive a guarantee that lasts for a year, providing you with peace of mind.

Finally, we’ll send you a thorough report explaining how we have bird- or rodent-proofed your property in order to prevent pests.

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Rose J.
24/7 Pest Control is one of the most reliable online pest control services that I have ever come acr
oss and they are always available for follow-up on any questions or concerns that you may have. Their exceptional service has been a breath of fresh air in my life and would highly recommend to anyone.
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Corey A.
Ivan was an excellent technician. He was incredibly professional, knowledgeable and considerative of
our needs. He provided excellent service and represented your company in a professional manner.
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Charlotte D.
I have mice and rats. My man Fernando did a really great job, and I’m so happy. He sealed all the ho
les in my walls and my back door, too. He was very thorough and went above-and-beyond what I had asked from him. He did a great job!
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Pest proofing for rodents

Mouse proofing in London

Mice-proofing focuses on stopping mice from entering your living spaces through internal walls and fixtures. This might involve dismantling and removing cabinets in the kitchen to close off any access points. In the bathroom, we may need to remove bath panels and box in pipes properly. As part of the pest-proofing service, we also install pest guards in waste pipes to ensure no mice can get through the toilet bowl or chew through soft connection pipes. For a mice-free home, you can book our mice control service today.

Rat proofing in London

Pest proofing for rats is crucial to prevent them from re-entering your home and causing further infestations. First, we locate all the entry points that rats use. We seal gaps and cracks with cement, cover smaller openings with fine metal mesh, and block larger openings with wood or plasterboards. We guarantee your house will be 100% rat-proof. Contact us to book a rat control service and make your home rat-free.

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Bird proofing

Birdproofing is primarily intended to deter birds from your property humanely and efficiently. Birds have a way of messing up windows, facades, and roofs. The nesting habits of pigeons, in particular, are known to obstruct guttering systems, causing damage and drainage problems. Furthermore, harmful bacteria that pose health hazards can be found in pigeon droppings.

We use a drone to precisely examine your bird-proofing needs in order to address these problems. We can install various deterrents, including wires and netting, based on the survey results. By limiting their access to their favourite breeding sites, these bird control strategies hope to encourage birds to relocate without endangering them.

Preparations for the pest-proofing service

To guarantee the operation runs easily and successfully, there are a few crucial actions to prepare for our pest-proofing service.

  • The pest-proofing service begins with a thorough evaluation of your London home. Our professionals in pest control will evaluate your home’s outside and interior in order to create a thorough pest-proofing strategy.
  • Your property must be accessible to the local pest exterminator in all areas, both inside and outside. Please ensure that all places that may be impacted by pests are easily accessible to us.
  • Remove any excess clutter or household items from the edges of your rooms. This will help us carry out a thorough pest inspection and identify any potential problem areas.
  • We will need to move items of furniture to check behind them. Ensure all large, freestanding wardrobes are empty so they can be easily moved and inspected.
  • The pest exterminator will also need to check behind all appliances. Make sure that we can access these areas without any obstructions.
  • Remove food from your kitchen cupboards, as the pest technician needs a clear view of the kitchen units. This will help us identify and seal any potential entry points.
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Frequently asked questions about pest proofing

What is pest-proofing?
Pest proofing is the process of making your property resistant to pests such as rodents and birds. This involves a variety of methods and techniques aimed at preventing pests from entering and infesting your home or business.
Is rodent proofing worth it?
Absolutely, rodent-proofing is worth the investment. Rodents can carry a variety of diseases that are harmful to humans, such as hantavirus and salmonella. By rodent-proofing your home, you significantly reduce the risk of these illnesses. Additionally, rodents can cause substantial damage to your property by gnawing on wires, insulation, and wood. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is protected from these pests is invaluable, making rodent-proofing a wise and beneficial investment.
What is the best way to remove pigeons from my roof?
We are able to assist you in clearing pigeons from your roof. We install wires, meshes, spikes, and nets to keep birds out of the desired area in order to bird-proof it.
Can you block mouse holes?
Certainly! All of your property’s openings will be sealed off by the pest proofer. The main goal of pest-proofing is to build an obstruction that keeps rodents out. To fill in gaps and holes, materials such as metal mesh, caulk, and cement are utilised.

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