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Every feedback we receive helps us maintain the high level of customer service we deliver and design our services according to the needs of our customers. Over the years we have received many pest control London reviews that speak for themselves. You can easily become part of our group of satisfied clients by making a booking with us right this minute on 020 3404 6650! And if curious to read what other have said about us, check out the London pest control testimonials published below.

  • 5 star review  I have used this service three times already as I have been unlucky when moving homes with mice. They've always solved the problem quickly and their follow up visit helped track any possible new holes and touch up previous ones. Staff has been friendly and helpful.

    thumb Christina Panagopoulou

  • 5 star review  Hello! I had nothing else to do than to leave you guys a good review! Thank you for taking care of the wasp nest in the backyard! Thank god it was reachable. For a single mom that venture is near to impossible, and honestly, I don't advise anyone to tackle a nest alone!

    thumb Eleanor T.

  • 5 star review  I panicked after I found out that my home is infested with bed bugs. After I started to think rationally, I did online research. Then I got a couple of bed bug treatment quotes from different companies. The one from 24/7 Pest Control was the most promising one, so I booked their heat treatment for the next day. The technicians came on time, explained to me the process and even asked me if I have any questions. After a couple of hours, I was able to lay on the bed without worrying about the nasty creatures. The service was excellent and there are no signs of bed bugs. I am more than thankful to 24/7 Pest Control and their team of professionals. The price is fair and I most certainly will recommend their services to everyone.

    thumb Garret King

  • 5 star review  Huge THANKS to the pros at 247 Pest Control! I have just been freed from the heavy rule of a wasp queen. I tried to remove the nest on my own and had to run, fast! I recommend calling the professionals in, talking from experience.

    thumb T. Vincent

Reviewed by M. Schonfield

I am happy with my service. The pro that came to my property was polite and explained the process to me quite well. He left me with a couple of tips about what I should pay more attention to. Haven't seen a rodent insight ever since. If I do, I will surely call the same guy back.

Reviewed by Ben A.

It looked like the lad done this procedure a billion times. He went inside my house and it looked like he knew exactly where to look for signs of critters. It took me months to spot what he pointed out after a 15min. inspection. Afterwards, he proceeded to business and after a quick trip to his vehicle, he began treating my house. At this point, I had to bail out, but I got a detailed report of what he had done. I am happy with the service and will book with those guys again in case I need help.

Reviewed by J.Stanley @ Kensington

The Kensington team were fast and efficient. I was really worried about the rats gnawing our cables. I heard that damage done by rats on your electrical system can turn out expensive to fix. They really assured me that it's taken care of, and it was. After a week 3 big rats were eradicated from my property.

Reviewed by D. Budge

Wonderful work! I had bitter experience with other companies treating my property for various pests. The local team came quickly, done the job and moved out with no hassle, no delay and without messing up the carpets. We had a bit of a flea problem, thanks to the old pooch, and thanks to you we are now scratch free.

Reviewed by C. Storey @ Chiswick

Thank you so much for saving my son's birthday party. We were planning a garden party for him and his friends. We were shocked to find a wasp nest the day before the celebration. Thank you 24/7 Pest Control for the quick responce!

Reviewed by R. Hanson @ Streatham

We had two different colonies of ants from the garden charging into the kitchen in search of food. I haven't seen an ant there since the technicians left three weeks ago. The service went smoothly, the guys were on time and they were pretty quick. Thanks! I would recommend you.

Reviewed by J. Richard @ Greenwich

Excellent work by the exterminators! It has been one week after treatment, and I have not seen a single silverfish! It turned out that we have a damp in the bathroom and that prompted the silverfish to infest our property. The technicians even gave me advice on what to do next to prevent future infestation. Thank you, here is a 5-star review, for your work!

Reviewed by Evi Coles

Reviewed by Annie Jones, Croydon

Really liked how fast your exterminator turned to my house and the professionalism he showed when dealing with the dead fox in my garden shed. Discreet approach all the way and very thorough with the work. 10/10 service!

Reviewed by George Merchant

Received a really great treatment by 24/7 Pest Control's professionals. They've been really careful with our pet dog and the chap was polite and sensitive while taking care of the matter. Have nothing but good words for the service and would definitely recommend.

Reviewed by Hannah N., Redbridge

I felt unpleasantly surprised when I discovered some mice droppings in my house and needed someone to help me find a solution. I called here and there but finally booked a treatment with you and I'm so glad I did. From phone call to visit and complete extermination all went smoothly and professionally. Now I know a reliable company in Redbrige I can recommend to my friends.

Reviewed by Freddie Begum, Redbridge

It's getting harder these days to find a company that will provide the quality service they advertise. I was lucky to book a roaches treatment with 24/7 Pest Control as you did a thorough job, got me rid of the annoying bugs without breaking my budget.

Reviewed by Megan B. – Putney

If there's something worse than bed bugs it's bed bugs who reappear after treatment. I tried to solve the problem on my own but finally I gave up and called 24/7 Pest Control and now I'm so glad I did it. Since their visit no more bed bugs are ruining my comfort.

Reviewed by Grace Connor – Putney

I was having a hard time finding someone I can rely on to solve once and for all the mice problems I'm having. Luckily I found 24/7 Pest control and the pro who came did a marvellous job. No sign of mice since his visit.

Reviewed by Charlie F. – Orpington

I needed a local exterminator to help me get rid of a persistent rat problem. 24/7 Pest Control sent me a careful and experienced person who knew how to deal with it.

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