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  • Using advanced pest control methods and equipment
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Richard J.
24/7 Pest Control is a great pest control company. They provide excellent service, and the technicia
ns are fantastic. One of their most important qualities is their honesty ? they won?t try to upsell you, but they will explain what has happened on each visit, including any proofing issues.
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Ann H.
That ant invasion was getting out of hand.24/7 Pest Control was on the job and got it taken care of
expertly. They took charge and resolved our ant problem in the most effective, safe way possible.
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Joseph L.
Excellent, efficient service. Ivan, the technician, was kind, easy-going and helpful. Very pleased a
ll round!
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Why Choose our Commercial Pest Control

Pest problems are the least desired ones for every business because an infestation can quickly eat on your profit and endanger your organisation. 24/7 Pest Control provides a comprehensive commercial pest control service for wide range of industries.

When it comes to pest control, it’s all about expertise.

We’ve been in the business for many years and we know all about the various types of pests, their habits and weak spots, what attracts them, and what is the best way of eradication. All that knowledge helps us choose the best possible way of preventing and treating pest infestations.

What Our Pest Prevention & Control Can Do for Your Business

  • Flexible, individually tailored service – you receive your own unique plan with an assigned account manager to constantly keep a track of all pest activities and implemented solutions. Call us now on 020 3404 6650 to receive your plan;
  • Discreet and fast service – we are able to send exterminators with discreetly branded van in order to protect the reputation of your business;
  • Advanced methods and tools – we constantly keep track of industry innovations and strive to implement the newest solutions, such as powerful heat treatment machines, in our work;
  • Certified and experienced pest technicians – all pest exterminators are thoroughly trained and have years of experience behind their backs;
  • Cleaning services – upon request, we can send a team of professional cleaners at your premises. They will quickly return the clean state of your property and will wipe off all traces of infestation.
Pest control specialists ready to treat your commercial property
Pest treating business premises

Commercial Pest Control For a Range of Industries

24/7 Pest Control offers flexible solutions for commercial pest control. No matter the type of business you operate, we are able to help by preventing pest invasions and treat infestations if any manage to occur.

Timing is crucial and in case of infestation every single hour counts. That’s why it’s so important to contact us as soon as you notice suspicious activities on the premises – as sooner we arrive as faster we’ll deal with the issue. The pest expert will manage to identify your problem and get to work immediately, ensuring your business is safe from the harm that pests bring.

Our commercial pest control prevents and deals with the threats of pest infestations:

  • Structural damage to your buildings;
  • Damage to products, materials and inventory;
  • Pollution and contamination of produce and work environment;
  • Harming your business’ reputation;
  • Violating health regulations.

How our Commercial Pest Control Works

Our commercial pest control procedure is comprised of four steps:


Step 1
We will send a certified pest technician who will inspect every corner of the premises for any tell-tale signs of pests, he will evaluate all weak and entry spots and suggest the right further actions.


Step 2
Your technician will suggest the proper pest-proofing techniques and materials in order to reduce the risk of pest infestations and prevent unwanted intruders. We have a range of expert equipment which works miracles against rodents.


Step 3
If an infestation still manages to occur, your expert will choose the best possible method of eradication in order to deal with the problem as quickly and safely as possible.


Step 4
Together, your exterminator and account manager will observe all taken measures and ongoing treatments and will keep you up to date with everything. Commercial pest control is an ongoing process and relies on regular inspections.

One Solution for a Variety of Industries

Our commercial solutions cover various types of industries and businesses:

  • Hospitality Industry: the accommodation sector is most threatened from bed bugs, rats, mice, flies and cockroach problems. A potential infestation might harm your reputation and lead to revenue loss. Our work aims at preventing that and eventually treating all pest infestations as soon as they occur to minimise the damage to your business. We help hotels, motels, hostels, vacation rentals, guest houses and much more.
  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industry: hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, and sanatoriums have one in common – they need to maintain an immaculate environment at all times. We understand that and offer our helping hand when dealing with pests. Our goal is to help organisations take all the proper measures against pest infestations and suggest the control actions to minimize the risk.
  • Food Industry: all food businesses, from manufacturing and distribution to food stores, restaurants, and kitchens, are required to comply with certain government regulations regarding pest presence on the premises. The standards for hygiene and quality are high and there’s zero tolerance for pest invasions. We offer pest prevention, early detection and effective control measures which will keep all pest intruders away.
  • Agriculture & Farming: barns and warehouses are particularly attractive for rats, mice and beetles as they offer the perfect combination of food and shelter supply. Our commercial control services will protect your property and produce from unwanted pests with a range of preventive measures and effective solutions.
  • Commercial Facilities: 24/7 Pest Control offers pest prevention and treatment for commercial areas such as business offices, industrial premises, retail businesses, shopping malls, and property management companies to help protect the buildings from pest invasions. Our methods are flexible and aim to deal with the problem as quickly as possible.
  • Other Public Institutions: Our commercial pest control solutions are also suitable for local councils and government facilities, museums, churches, boarding schools and much more. We tailor each our service for the needs of the customer and don’t spare resources to achieve outstanding results.
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