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Effective pigeon pest control and bird proofing

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  • Suitable for residential buildings, business properties and industrial premises.
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Why choose 24/7 Pest Control for bird proofing

Bird infestation on a roof

Besides being highly annoying, pigeons, seagulls and other types of urban birds in London can cause immense damage to the exterior of your building. 24/7 Pest Control offers quick and effective pigeon pest control and pest-proofing in London and surrounding areas. We help deter the annoying birds away from:

  • Residential buildings;
  • Business properties;
  • Industrial premises;

Contact us and let the experts deal with the problem. We will rid your property of pesky birds in no time.

How We Carry Out the Bird Control Service

To deter birds from roaming around the roof and your building, we make the environment as uninviting as possible for them.

  • The bird control specialists will inspect your property. With the help of a  drone camera, they can determine what attracts birds to your house, assess infestation levels, and identify affected areas.
  • The pest technician will determine the most appropriate bird-proofing method. If necessary, the bird control specialist can apply nets and spikes to the roof or repellent gel to outdoor surfaces.
  • If necessary, your technician can return to your property within three months upon your request based on the service you booked.
  • You will receive a copy of the report for the service as well as helpful advice on how to avoid future pigeon problems.
Spikes used for bird control
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Rose J.
24/7 Pest Control is one of the most reliable online pest control services that I have ever come acr
oss and they are always available for follow-up on any questions or concerns that you may have. Their exceptional service has been a breath of fresh air in my life and would highly recommend to anyone.
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Corey A.
Ivan was an excellent technician. He was incredibly professional, knowledgeable and considerative of
our needs. He provided excellent service and represented your company in a professional manner.
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Charlotte D.
I have mice and rats. My man Fernando did a really great job, and I’m so happy. He sealed all the ho
les in my walls and my back door, too. He was very thorough and went above-and-beyond what I had asked from him. He did a great job!
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Tools & Techniques of Our Pigeon Pest Control

Bird Eye Nature Animal Close Up Head Pigeon

Our bird control procedures are done humanely. We utilise various methods and tools to deter pesky pigeons by bird-proofing your entire London property. Amongst the range of equipment that pigeon exterminators use are:

  • Drone: it is easier for them to inspect the property with a drone. That way, they can cover all possible nesting and landing spots.
  • Bird netting: we use this exclusion tool to protect properties from different types of urban birds — it acts as a barrier between the flying pests and the building;
  • Gel repellent: this non-toxic bird deterrent tricks pigeons and other flying critters into thinking the building is on fire. It is a successful repellent which we particularly recommend if you’re a tenant and cannot use any permanent bird-proofing solutions;
  • Anti-roosting spikes: the bird control experts attach them anywhere pigeons roost to discourage them from perching. They are one of the most successful deterrent tools and are perfect for all types of properties;

What Damage Do Pigeons and Gulls Bring to Londoners?

Although not relatively tame, urban birds have shared their territory with humans for centuries without exhibiting any fear. They feel comfortable in our company, but their presence costs Londoners hundreds of pounds each year. Seagulls and pigeons are often associated with the following harms:

  • Property Damage – pigeons often cause damage to masonry work by nesting and fouling. Pigeon nests can often cause clogged gutters, which can result in water damaging your home. Moreover, bird droppings are highly acidic, leading to stains and corrosion on various surfaces and roofs. Nothing is protected – automobile paint, outdoor furniture, patios and balconies are all vulnerable.
  • Pest Harbouring – city birds attract vermin with their faeces and often cause rat and mouse infestations. Bird faeces are a preferred meal for cockroaches, so if you are a victim of bird infestation, you will need cockroach control services on top. Pigeon nests aren’t that harmless either – inside the nests live pigeon mites that love to feed on human blood. Fortunately, these mites are more creepy than harmful and rarely transmit diseases.
Pigeon nest on a tree

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Who can remove birds from the roof?
Contact a professional pest control company that specialises in bird removal. We at 24/7 Pest Control have the tools and expertise to safely and effectively remove birds from your roof and prevent them from returning.
Are birds on my roof a problem?
Having too many birds on your roof could be a problem for several reasons. Pigeons, for instance, can damage your roof by pecking at it or leaving droppings. In large numbers, they can create a lot of noise and attract other pests, such as ticks and mites, which can harm humans. If you have many pigeons on your roof, consult a bird control professional to assess the situation and determine the best action.
Can birds destroy your roof?
Birds can cause damage to a roof, especially if they build nests there. If they build nests, they can block the gutters, leading to water buildup and the potential for leaks. Birds can cause a lot of damage as they peck at or scratch the outside of the house and the roof, leading to holes. Additionally, bird droppings can be acidic and can eat away at some types of roofing materials over time.
Why do I have so many birds around my house?
Birds can be attracted to your home for a variety of reasons. For example, they may be drawn to food, water, or shelter. The location of your home can also play a role. If you live near a park, you might see more birds because these areas provide a suitable habitat.