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Heat Treatment

Up To 100% Insect Eradication With Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment in LondonIf you have a resilient bug infestation problem, like a bed bug infestation, for instance, you might need a powerful solution. 24/7 Pest Control offers an exceptional way of eradicating insects in London - advanced heat treatment. The procedure is extremely flexible and is suitable for:

  • Commercial premises - such as warehouses, restaurants, hotels, etc. - to quickly and effectively eliminate all signs of infestation before they harm your business;
  • Residential homes - to eradicate all insects and protect the safe environment of your home;
  • Leased properties - to treat a house between renters and ensure it is appealing to potential new tenants;

The heat treatment has the power to reach pests no matter where they are hiding, and it is affecting all stages of their development. We achieve eradication by combining an initial spraying with the heating treatment of the infested zones. This combo destroys infestations like nothing else and is super effective against bed bugs, book lice, cockroaches, fleas and much more.

Advantages of Our Heat Treatment Procedure

  • Up to 100% Eradication in Two Visits - our unique combination of initial spraying with the follow-up heat treatment achieves a total insect eradication.
  • Discreet Service - upon request, we can arrive with a van that carries only our logo and is not eye catching.
  • 3-Month Guarantee - the technician will inspect your property two weeks after the treatment to ensure that all bugs have been destroyed. If you notice any signs of infestation within the 3-month guarantee, the expert will re-do the treatment for free!
  • Immediate Results - there are no residues left after the heat treatment and all insects are destroyed. You’ll be able to return in your safe home right after the procedure.
  • Flexible Scheduling - we work 24/7 and during bank holidays as well.

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I've been dealing with a mouse problem for months. All problems solved in just one visit by your company. Can't recommend you highly enough. Thank you

Sheila Chavhan 

The pest technician arrived during the time stated, came in got the job done, very impressed with the results. Managed to deal with a bed bugs problem that many other companies couldn't.

Sonia D. 

It was quick, professional executed in every way and done by a very friendly and pleasant guy. Thank you. I will definitely use you again and recommend you to others.

Sinead Lam 

Professional company, polite staff and smooth booking process. Prices are reasonable too. Would recommend.

Jacob Larson 

How Does Our Treatment Works?

  • 1. FULL INSPECTION: We conduct a full check of your property, marking areas for treatment. On our first visit, we’ll spray the infested zones with a special insecticide to prepare for the thermal procedure. Your exterminator will give instructions about your belongings and will ensure the safety of the treatment;
  • 2. THE HEAT TREATMENT: The expert will come for the actual heat procedure 2-3 days after the initial visit. Your exterminator will check if the area is ready for high temperatures and will proceed with heating all zones to approximately 56°C with heaters.
  • 3. AFTERCARE: Your home will be insect-free right after the procedure. Heat treatment comes with a 3-month guarantee and we ensure up to 100% bug eradication. After two weeks, your expert will return to make a final inspection and spray the property for a lasting finish if needed.

Note that you must remove sensitive to heat materials such as some types of clothes, books, candles, etc. prior to the heat treatment procedure. Your local exterminator will advise you on that matter.

Targeted application of heat reaches all infested areas without damaging any fabrics and materials. The treatment affects multiple areas simultaneously, reaching cracks, crevices, mattresses, and other hard to reach locations. The heat is applied evenly throughout the whole area removing the need of multiple treatments as it eliminates all life stages of insects - eggs, larvae and adults in a single visit. It has no side effects and you can use the room right after we finish the job!

Why The Thermal Treatment Achieves Better Results?

With an insecticide treatment, several procedures are often required to achieve great results because of the immunity insects have. All this is making the regular procedures harder, less cost-efficient and more time-consuming. The price of the heat treatment can be quoted by phone after you give specific information about your troubles or it can be established after careful examination of a professional. You can check the prices of regular pest treatments on our prices page.

It’s a different case with heat solutions. Our unique combination of regular and thermal procedures achieve more:

  • Rapid Eradication: the bed bug heat treatment is the quickest, most effective method of insect eradication and deals with infestations in one go.
  • More Effective: our combo of regular and thermal procedures achieves best possible results. Guaranteed!
  • Destroys Insects in All Stages: the temperature is optimal and kills insects in all life stages, eliminating the need for a second heat procedure.

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