Heat Treatment

Up to 100% eradication in just two visits

  • Immediate results
  • 24/7 availability
  • Discreet service
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Heater devices for pest heat treatment

Why Choose Our Heat Treatment

Heater inside a bedroom

If you have a resilient bug infestation problem, like a bed bug infestation, you might need a powerful solution. 24/7 Pest Control offers an exceptional way of eradicating insects in London – advanced heat treatment. The procedure is highly efficient and is suitable for the following:

  • Commercial premises – such as warehouses, restaurants, hotels, etc. – to quickly and effectively eliminate all signs of infestation before they harm your business;
  • Residential homes – to eradicate all insects and protect the safe environment of your home;
  • Leased properties – to treat a house between renters and ensure it is appealing to potential new tenants;

The heat treatment can reach pests no matter where they are hiding, affecting all stages of their development. We achieve eradication by combining initial spraying with the heating treatment of the infested zones. This combo destroys infestations like nothing else and is super effective against bed bugs, booklice, cockroaches, fleas and much more.

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William K.
The customer services were excellent ? The response time when calling with a problem is brilliant.
Margaret D.
The 24/7 Pest Control service I received was second to none. They were here straight away after my c
all. The technician was amazing and immediately identified the problem I had. He dealt with it swiftly and professionally. He put my mind at ease throughout!
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Charleen K.
24/7 Pest Control has the best service in town. Yonko was amazing. He came immediately, found the so
urce of the problem, and took care of it promptly. He made me feel at ease in my own home. Thank you 24/7 Pest Control!
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Advantages of Our Heat Treatment Procedure

  • Up to 100% Eradication in Two Visits – our unique combination of initial spraying with the follow-up heat treatment achieves total insect eradication.
  • Discreet Service – upon request, we can arrive with a van that carries only our logo and is not eye-catching.
  • 3-Month Guarantee – the technician will inspect your property two weeks after the treatment to ensure that all bugs have been destroyed. If you notice any signs of infestation within the 3-month guarantee, the expert will re-do the treatment for free!
  • Immediate Results – No residues are left after the heat treatment, and all insects are destroyed. You’ll be able to return to your safe home right after the procedure.
  • Flexible Scheduling – we work 24/7 and during bank holidays as well.
Heater in action for heat treatment service

How Does Our Heat Treatment Work

Heat treatment in action
  • 1. FULL INSPECTION: We conduct a complete check of your property, marking areas for treatment. On our first visit, your exterminator will give instructions about your belongings and will ensure the safety of the treatment;
  • 2. THE HEAT TREATMENT: The expert will come for the actual heat procedure 2-3 days after the initial visit. Your exterminator will check if the area is ready for high temperatures and will proceed with heating all zones to approximately 56°C with heaters;
  • 3. AFTERCARE: Your home will be insect-free right after the procedure. Heat treatment comes with a 3-month guarantee, and we ensure up to 100% bug eradication. If the issue still exists, one follow-up visit that includes spraying can be arranged upon request.

Note that you must remove sensitive to heat materials, such as some types of clothes, books, candles, etc., before the heat treatment procedure. Your local exterminator will advise you on that matter.

The targeted application of heat reaches all infested areas, cracks, crevices, mattresses, and other hard-to-reach locations. The heat is applied evenly throughout the whole area, removing the need for multiple treatments and eliminating all life stages of insects. It has no side effects, and you can use the room after finishing the job!

Why Thermal Treatment Achieves Better Results

Several procedures are often required to achieve great results with an insecticide treatment because of the immunity insects have. All this makes the regular procedures harder, less cost-efficient and more time-consuming. The price of the heat treatment can be quoted by phone after you give specific information about your troubles, or it can be established after careful examination by a professional. You can check the prices of regular pest treatments on our prices page.

It’s a different case with heat solutions. Our unique combination of regular and thermal procedures achieves more:

  • Rapid Eradication: the bed bug heat treatment is the quickest, most effective method of insect eradication and deals with infestations in one go.
  • More Effective: our combo of regular and thermal procedures achieves the best possible results. Guaranteed!
  • Destroys Insects in All Stages: the temperature is optimal and kills insects in all life stages, eliminating the need for a second heat procedure.
Heat treatment procedure

Infestation Facts on Other Household Pests

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  • Bed Bugs Infestation
  • Cockroaches Infestation
  • Fleas Infestation
  • Rat Infestation

Ants are a common pest in our homes. Suppose you want to learn more about this menace and how you can and should treat them, read more on our ant infestation page.

They are the terror that lives on your bed. This little blood-sucking house pest could be in your mattress without you even noticing it. Learn more about bed bugs and how to spot a bed bug infestation.

A pest that you don’t want to spot in your kitchen. The cockroach can quickly take over your home, especially at night. Learn some interesting facts about roaches and how to spot the signs of cockroach infestation on time.

Fleas can be a huge issue, especially if you have children and pets present on your property. Flea bites can be irritating and even dangerous in some cases. See how to spot flea infestations early and more facts on the pest.

Rats are a pest that comes into your home for food and shelter, so they like to hide in walls, basements and attics. They can be a severe health hazard and should not be allowed inside. Get familiar with their habits and signs of rat infestation.


Does heat gets rid of bugs?
This kind of treatment can guarantee up to 100% eradication and a 3-month guarantee. Heat treatments are incredibly safe, and no insecticide is used on the property, so you can come in as soon as the treatment is complete.
Is heat treatment better than chemical treatment?
Heat treatment is generally considered the better option for controlling pests. It is an environmentally friendly and generally more effective way of dealing with bed bugs, fleas and other insects. Heat treatment exposes pests to high temperatures, killing them and their eggs. On the other hand, chemical treatment involves using pesticides, which pests can develop resistance to over time, making chemical treatment less effective.
What should I remove from my home before heat treatment?
Removing any items that could potentially catch fire or be damaged by the high temperatures is essential. Objects that the heat could damage, such as art, plastic or electronic devices, should all be removed from the property before the treatment. It is advisable to collect any clothes sensitive to heat.