Fly Control in LondonIf you've tried everything in your fight against flies but they still manage to come back, you might need a professional cluster fly treatment. Flies are usually a big annoyance rather than a threat but there are a few species which lay their eggs in human food and thus endanger your health. 24/7 Pest Control offers quality fly control in London. We get rid of all types of flying pests and know exactly what to do in order to remove all signs of a fly infestation. The professionals we work with have extensive knowledge about those pesky creatures and have developed an efficient cluster fly treatment. Our work will keep your home protected from all annoying insects for moths without polluting the environment. Our services are suitable for both residential and commercial properties. We also deal with mosquitoes, gnats, ladybirds, and book lice.
We, at 24/7 Pest Control have been dealing with all kinds of pests for years. Because of our experience with different treatments, we know which ones work best and bring long-lasting results. We know that tackling fly infestation with harmful and weak store-bought sprays won’t achieve much, that’s why we use only powerful professional solutions when we deal with the pesky insects. But Londoners choose us not only because of our expertise and fancy gear. Here are the other reasons why people prefer our cluster fly treatment:
  • Availability - our services are quite flexible and we are available all days of the week and even on bank holidays -- flies don’t rest, so why should we;
  • Safe treatment - although the products we use are quite powerful, they comply with all COSHH regulations and are harmless to people and pets once they set;
  • No hidden charges - our estimates are final and you’ll know the price of your fly control treatment before we complete it;
  • Discreet service - your fly exterminator can arrive at your property in a van which carries only one or two small logos, and is not so eyecatching. This is perfect if you prefer discretion. Make sure to let us know if that’s the case;
  • Emergency fly control - we can arrange a same-day service if that’s what you need. Check with us as soon as you notice any sign of a fly infestation and we'll make sure to get rid of it as soon as possible.
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Sue W.
I thought I might have a mouse in my house . The Pest Control representative was extremely helpful and explained every step of the day what was happening and what to expect. Am now
Jul 24th, 2020
Luis M.
Our technician has provided an excellent, professional service throughout. He is friendly, polite and very courteous.
Jul 8th, 2020
Jerry E.
Really good service. Excellent communication and high levels of customer support in a timely manner.
Jun 16th, 2020
John L.
The service your company has provided has been great. First, the Surveyor who reached out to you was very informative and clear about what the pest problem was. Second, your techni
Apr 15th, 2020
Sheri A.
Friendly and competent service. Pleased with the experience and have no complaints. Satisfied with all health and safety procedures.
Mar 24th, 2020
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About Cluster Flies, Other Species and the Dangers of Infestation

Common House FlyThe most common flying invader in our London homes is the cluster fly, also known as the attic fly. They are more of a nuisance rather than a health risk, which is why many people underestimate them and leave them to breed freely. Although not dangerous, these flies are extremely difficult to eradicate as they hide in difficult to reach spaces, cracks, and cavities inside and outside the house. Other intruders include the black fly, bluebottle fly, horse fly, and fruit flies with some of them being just a bother while others are more dangerous, especially when infesting a home. Some species bear many diseases and lay their eggs in human food.     Get a Quote