London pest control fogging treatment against flying insects

Fogging service is suitable for both commercial and residential properties

  • Pest exterminators apply fogging treatments according to strict safety protocols
  • Fogging eliminates mosquitoes, flies, moths, and flying ants
  • Fogging prevents reinfestation and provides long-lasting pest control
  • A green approach to end-of-tenancy disinfection
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During the summer our homes are often invaded by numerous small insects. Some of them are parasites, like mosquitoes and fleas, others are just annoying, like flies. By booking a fogging treatment of your property you can eradicate any invaders and limit the chance of a following infestation for a prolonged period of time.

Fogging is Effective Against

The fogging treatment is highly effective against small flying insects and some other pests.

  • Spiders
  • Moths
  • Flies
  • Fleas
  • Mosquitoes
  • Ants
  • And others

The fogging service will prove itself valuable if performed right before you move into a new home. In such scenario, the service will provide you with an initial treatment against potential threats like fleas, especially if the previous owners/tenants had a pet.

In some landlord contracts, fogging is a mandatory procedure prior to leaving the property, especially when animals have lived inside. Leaving tenants are legally obliged to treat the property and proceed with end of tenancy cleaning before officially leaving.

What to expect from your fogging service

After the professional comes to your property he will initiate a property check. This will give the pro a chance to examine the property for any signs of infestations, see where are the areas which will need more attention and plan how he will proceed. Sometimes, the professional on site can decide that a fogging service won’t be enough to treat your property. In such cases you will be advised to proceed with a different treatment, that will bring better results and leave your home pest free.

After inspection, the technician will proceed with the service. Loading the trusted fogger with the chemical of choice and start treating the property, section by section.

What will be expected from you

You will have to clean all the services in the property and hover the entire property. This will make the service more effective because the active chemicals will come in direct contact with the services. After the treatment, you can’t hover or clean the treated areas for about 5-6 days.

You can’t be inside the property while the service takes place, you will also be expected to take out any pets even fish tanks.

Upon returning to your property, make sure you ventilate the place well. Open all doors and windows and let the airflow clear the rooms for ten to fifteen minutes.

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Shaun J.
I couldn’t believe how terrible the entire mouse infestation could be. Stefan explained exactly what
was happening. He was very polite, helpful and friendly. He made the whole dreadful experience feel normal. Thank you.
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Very friendly. Always reliable and do a great job for a very reasonable price, Highly recommended.
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I’d like to thank Stefan for his great service. He has always been both helpful and kind, and I beli
eve he is in one of the best pest control companies in the area.
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