Are you terrified and disgusted by the presence of rodents roaming in your home or business premise? Mice and rats can be challenging to eradicate without our efficient mice control in London. You can rely on 24/7 Pest Control for a full extermination of these gnawing intruders. We provide:
  • Emergency control procedures
  • Local mouse exterminators
  • Guaranteed rodent treatments
We have the necessary expertise to eliminate the mice around your property, clean all surfaces and prevent any further problems. Don't wait until the pests overcrowd their burrows - act now and prevent the possible health hazards!t
With the efficient actions of the mice and rat exterminators, you will secure your property against squalor and diseases. On the other hand, the services provided by 24/7 Pest Control guarantee additional benefits for you and your family. Here are some examples:
  • Highest chance of detection: We will check the property top-to-bottom for any signs of rodent activity. Upon request we can use an endoscopic camera to hunt down any mouse that tries to get under the radar and escape our mice extermination;
  • Guaranteed quality of the products we use: they are all approved by the official UK supplier – Kill Germ;
  • Seven days a week availability: we provide mice control in London on bank holidays and weekends as well;
  • Fully vetted and reference checked staff: All mouse exterminators are qualified, friendly and highly motivated;
  • 3-month guarantee: for our insured mouse control in London, you can request up to two free post-treatments during the period;
  • 24/7 customer support: our customer representatives will guide you and answer your inquiries;
  • Mouse proofing solutions: upon request, your mice exterminator can install vent meshes and door brush seals on the premises;
  • Property Disinfection: You can also book a professional after-treatment cleaning service. We can send you a team of cleaners to disinfect your property.
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So far your pest control service has exterminated the cockroaches. We are very pleased that the situation has now improved, but we will keep an eye out to ensure that they don't re
Apr 11th, 2020
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Great service. I was completely surprised when the issue was resolved so well! Customer service reps were clear in explaining things and welcomed any questions. This place definite
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Amazing, speedy service, thorough inspection and expert advice. If you want the job done properly, come straight to these guys.
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Efficient service with great team members. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Responsive to site policies and procedures. Jobs completed on time.
Sep 20th, 2020
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I had a wasp nest near an air vent on my roof. The lady I spoke with on the phone was very helpful. The survey and tech who came to deal with the nest were really approachable, exp
Oct 30th, 2020
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#1 You need to identify the signs of a mouse infestation or let the experts do it as part of our mouse control in London. You should be aware that rodents can enter your home through cracks and holes found in walls, floors and foundations. They also take advantage of gaps in windows, drainage pipes and sewer lines. Even oven gas lines are not perfectly safe against penetration. The physique of mice and rats allow them to fit through holes much smaller than they appear likely to. #2 You should close all gaps properly, tighten all food containers and dispose of rubbish as soon as possible. The rodent incisors grow incessantly and all rodent pests have a gnawing habit. If you notice gnaw marks on food and objects like utility lines, this is a clear sign of rodent presence. #3 You can also check for droppings, especially along frequently travelled rodent pathways. Rats and mice are nocturnal, so if you see them around your property in daylight, it usually means their colony is already booming. Mice carcases are also a good pointer for a pest infestation. If you see any of these signs, order our mice pest control services. In general, neatness, mouse proofing and proper food storage are crucial.
If you still hesitate to order mice removal services, read further. While humanity is no longer threatened by bubonic plague epidemics, rodents still carry nasty viruses. For instance, near half of the Norway mice spread Weil's disease through their urine. Besides flu-like symptoms, jaundice and kidney failure, this sickness can cause death to some individuals. Mice are also known to spread Tularemia which causes fever, anorexia, pneumonia and has a 1% death rate. Unfortunately, these are only two examples of the countless viral infectious diseases carried by rats and mice. The most common sources of discomfort include droppings, dander and shed hair – they can cause different reactions, from sneezing and itching to various infections and allergies. This is something homeowners want to avoid, whether you live in the house or you've chosen to rent it out. For businesses and the food processing industry, mice infestations are not only unacceptable but the conditions are regulated with legal requirements. This is why we also offer commercial pest control in London and the nearby areas. Mouse problems are amongst the biggest threats to businesses of all sorts. Mice wreak havoc - their gnawing habits make them go through all sorts of solid materials, including wood, plastic and stucco. In fact, many of the so-called fires of unknown origin are the result of gnawed cables. In addition, the aforementioned dangers multiply with every bit of extermination postponement – rodents proliferate quickly and populations may exceed 200 specimens within a few months. On the plus side, you can do something about it now and order your custom mice control in London! Get a Quote

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