Bed Bug Control

Prices starting from as low as 45 pounds:

  • Quick response time
  • Free inspection if you book a service after
  • Heat treatment, steam treatment, and disinfection available upon request
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Why Choose our Bed Bug Control

24/7 Pest Control offers you effective bed bug control in London and around. Bed bugs are bloodsucking parasites that spread quickly throughout your property and are extremely hard to notice and eradicate.

Save yourself a headache and call 24/7 Pest Exterminators for an instant bed bug extermination procedure. We offer:

  • Guaranteed bed bug control procedures;
  • Local bed bug exterminators in all London areas;
  • Advanced method of extermination.

While they don’t carry any diseases, their bites cause irritations and, in severe cases, inflammation that can lead to serious consequences. They also tend to spread quite quickly and manage to infest even the oddest of places. We offer a solution to bed bug problems that aims to solve the issue for good without costing you much.

The Process of Our Bed Bug Control Service

How the bed bugs control service work:

  • To assess the extent of the bed bug infestation and which rooms are affected, an experienced bed bug control specialist will carefully examine the property. After that, he will determine what type of treatment is necessary.
  • The service is performed in two visits, two weeks apart. Every surface in your bedroom will be treated on the first visit, including your bed mattress, headboard, floor, carpet and more. The exterminator will use a different insecticide the second time to ensure that bed bugs cannot adapt and survive the treatment.
  • You can also book heat treatment as an alternative method of dealing with bed bugs.
  • After the service is completed, a detailed report will be provided to you by the pest exterminator. Also, he will give you advice on preventing bed bug infestations in the future.
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Milen is very helpful and very kind! Great customer service!... Read More
Milen is very helpful and very kind! Great customer service! Show Less
Nov 9th, 2020
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The technician from 24/7 Pest Control was really helpful and adapted to the COVID way of working brilliantly! Follows all social distancing and has dealt with all issues quickly. T... Read More
The technician from 24/7 Pest Control was really helpful and adapted to the COVID way of working brilliantly! Follows all social distancing and has dealt with all issues quickly. This is a real asset to 24/7 Pest Control. Show Less
Nov 27th, 2020
Michelle T.
Great company with professionals that keeps their standards high and is reliable. Someone who doesn't let you down and always finds the best solutions.... Read More
Great company with professionals that keeps their standards high and is reliable. Someone who doesn't let you down and always finds the best solutions. Show Less
Nov 30th, 2020
bed bug on a mattress

Signs of Bed Bug Infestations

With years of experience in bed bug treatment, the technicians know exactly where to look for the signs of infestation.

Potential evidence includes not only live and dead bugs but also:

  • faecal matter marks;
  • cast off skins;
  • whitish hatched eggs.

Another sign of a bed bug presence at your home is a sweetish almond scent in your bedroom. These and many more signs are obvious to your local bed bug exterminator, and he’ll manage to detect the clues if you are uncertain.

But if you’ve noticed any of those, call us immediately for a bed bug extermination. Infestations in the early stages are easier to battle, but don’t hesitate to contact us even in the most severe cases – we know how to leave your property entirely pest-free, regardless of the situation!

bed bug in the bedroom

What You Get With Our Bed Bug Control & Removal

It’s challenging to fight bed bugs yourself – call us for bed bug removal! We have been treating infestations in many private and commercial properties around London and nearby areas for years. All local pest control technicians are certified and know how to treat bed bugs thoroughly. Here are a few benefits that come with our services:

    • Comprehensive, tailored service for your London property, provided only by certified specialists.
    • Quick and discreet bed bugs extermination – we understand the frustration an infestation can cause, and we know how to deal with your problem promptly and discreetly.
    • Flexible booking slots – our bed bug treatment services are available at any time – weekends and evenings included, to suit your tight daily schedule!
    • 3-month guarantee – if you choose our full-service of bed bugs control, you can request two free visits within three months after the first procedure for an insured bed bug extermination.
    • Family-friendly pesticides – the bed bug exterminators follow the COSHH regulation (Control of Substance Hazardous to Health) to protect your health, property, and family. Where possible, we use non-toxic pesticides to minimise environmental impact.
    • Advanced eradication methods for extreme cases – we can help you even if your issue seems unsolvable.  In cases of severe bed bug infestations, we recommend our heat treatment procedure, which has a 100% success rate.
signs of bed bugs on a mattress

What to Do in Case of Bed Bugs Pest Infestation?

  • The best way to prevent a possible infestation is to keep a high standard of hygiene and housekeeping at your property. Bed bugs prefer warm places to hide and thrive on poor hygiene and messy rooms.
  • If you’ve noticed an infestation, it’s best advised to launder all your clothes and bed linen with hot water. You must put your clothes in a sealed plastic bag before getting them out of the infested room – otherwise, the bed bugs will quickly spread to other parts of your property.
  • When you hire a professional bed bugs exterminator, leave your home as it is. Keep the temperature in your house the same, as this might force the insects to seek shelter. Remove all pets, including fish, from the property. You must also be outside the treated area during the bed bugs treatment.
  • It’s necessary to sleep in your bed the night after the treatment. That will lure the parasites back to the treated areas (such as your bed), where the pesticide will take care of them, leading to a successful bed bugs control procedure.

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They are the terror that lives on your bed. This little blood-sucking house pest could be in your mattress without you even noticing it. Learn more about bed bugs and how to spot a bed bug infestation.

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What is the main cause of bed bugs?

Most people bring home bed bugs after travelling and staying in infested apartments or hotel rooms. The most common way for them to invade your home is through luggage, backpacks or clothes brought back from the journey. It is also possible to get them from used furniture.

Where do bed bugs hide during the day?

Discovering bed bugs during the day can be pretty challenging. Usually, bed bugs hide in the bedroom - on the mattress, carpet, or any bedroom furniture. Whenever their food supply sleeps, they are likely to be nearby.

Do bed bugs go away naturally?

Bed bugs will not go away on their own if they have a food source and a suitable environment. They will continue to inhabit your home and bite throughout the night if you do not take the necessary action. The most effective way to deal with a bed bug infestation is to call a pest control service.

Do bed bugs bite every night?

Even though bed bugs bite several times a night, they only feed once every one to two weeks, if not longer. It may take time to realise that the bites are caused by bedbug activity. If you wake up with red and itchy dots, it's best to call pest control immediately.