Moth Control in LondonDid you find your favourite sweater riddled and unwearable? Does your wedding dress have holes in it? Moths are one of those pests who get by unnoticed until they ruin your favourite garments. If you have a moth problem, contact 24/7 Pest Control for comprehensive moth control in London - we will manage to rid your wardrobe and your home of the clothes moths and protect your possessions from the pesky insects. We have the know-how to stop the wool-eating insects from destroying your apparel in just one visit! Call us and protect your precious collection of clothes In recent years, moths and carpet beetles have become an issue in the UK as more and more people complain of damaged carpets, upholstery, and clothing. This requires the development and implementation of advanced moth control measures, especially in the London territory where we see a huge spike in infested properties - residential and commercial alike. To tackle the problem effectively, 24/7 Pest Control relies on leading products for moth fumigation and the help of experienced local professionals. For severe infestations it may be best to opt for heat treatment, your local exterminator will advise you on that.
Alongside our moth extermination in London, we offer some additional benefits to our customers. We believe that no great service is just that service on its own but is rather comprised of many things that aim at an overall great experience. We constantly work on improving both - our moth treatments and the knowledge of the exterminators we work with. We also strive to provide additional bits and pieces in order to form a tailored solution for every customer, to rid you of your pest problem and, if possible, prevent further infestations. Your property will be free of the flying insects in no time but that's just one of the perks 24/7 Pest Control’s moth treatment in London has to offer:
  • Comprehensive and tailored solution - provided by certified moth exterminators in London and surrounding areas;
  • Quick, affordable, and discreet moth treatment – an infestation can cause stress in more than one way. We know how to deal with your problem promptly and close-mouthed;
  • Family-safe pesticides - we follow the COSHH guidelines (Control of Substance Hazardous to Health) to protect your health and your family when executing our moth fumigation services;
  • Flexible booking slots – to suit even your most hectic daily schedules, our services are available at any time. You can book a moth removal specialist seven days a week, evenings included, and even on bank holidays;
  • Guaranteed service - if you opt for guaranteed moth treatment, you will be able to request two free visits within 3 months after the initial visit. The insured moth control procedure is what we recommend if you aim at a complete pest eradication.
  • Follow-up home disinfection - you can take advantage of professional property cleaning. All you need to do is request it when booking your service - a team of cleaners will come 5 days after the moth treatment and will wipe away all traces of insects.
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24/7 Pest Control is a reliable and trustworthy company with staff that provides excellent customer service.
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The service I received from 24/7 Pest Control was exceptional. The technician went above and beyond what was required ? resolving all my issues. I would highly recommend this compa
Nov 26th, 2020
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24/7 Pest Control is always a pleasure to work with. The technicians are incredibly knowledgeable and professional. I couldn?t recommend them highly enough.
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Thank you so much! I am pleased with your service. There was a problem, and it was solved to my satisfaction without any additional costs. The pro took care from start to finish, a
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Wow! Great customer service! I am very impressed and grateful for your help with my problem. You went above and beyond, checking everything out to ensure the problem was resolved.
Sep 7th, 2020
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Carpet Moth RemovalIf you've noticed signs of moth infestation at your property, it is best to hire a moth exterminator as he’ll know the proper measures to take. Still, it is a good idea to know how to minimise the damage to your wardrobe and prevent the spreading and possible infestations. #1 Find the infested area. It can be any place where you store textile and leather - your wardrobe, chests, drawers and cupboards are good places to check first. It should be fairly easy to find, as the items in the area will be damaged to a greater extent. #2 Thoroughly launder all of your textile items, including the damaged ones. This includes curtains, rugs, carpets, soft furnishing, pillows and anything comprised of similar materials. It is a good idea to put your clothes in plastic bags before moving them outside the room, to prevent the spread of the moths to other parts of your property. Also, keep the damaged items away from your unaffected clothes. #3 Vacuum the affected area and throw out the vacuum bag immediately afterward, as both larvae and adult moths can easily find (and, in case you are using textile bags – eat) their way out. #4 Still, DIY moth removal can only reduce the population of the moths and does not solve the problem – it only minimises the damage. In no way can it replace a proper professional moth treatment. For a long-lasting solution to your infestation problem, call the clothes moths control team in London and save yourself the trouble of dealing with damaged clothing! Get a Quote