Excellent Local Pest Control ServicesIn the past years, beetles have become a great problem for domestic homes and museum collections. They are a known destroyer of upholstered furniture, wool carpets and all kinds of garments causing serious damage and headache. To deal with a beetle issue, contact 24/7 Pest Control as we provide advanced carpet beetle treatments in London and surrounding areas. We are familiar with the various types of beetles in the UK, know all about their habits and have the means and tools to eradicate them quickly before they bring more destruction to your property.
In order to enrich our services further, we provide additional benefits to our London customers.
  • Non-toxic insecticides - we strive to provide safe carpet beetle treatments and protect your family and pets, that’s why we opt for harmless but still powerful solutions;
  • Schedule availability - we know you have a busy schedule and because of it, we try to be available during weekends, evenings and even bank holidays;
  • Insured and emergency treatments - depending on the severity of your problem, you can choose between a 3-month guaranteed service or an emergency carpet beetle treatment;
  • Additional services - Upon request, we can help you clean all treated areas. The cleaning takes hold 5 days after the carpet beetle control treatment and is done by professionals.
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Sonia B.
Our technician always treats us with respect, courtesy, and professionalism, which we much appreciate. We have a close working relationship that is built on trust and mutual unders
Mar 14th, 2020
Grady R.
Each time the technician visit us, we know that we can count on a friendly, efficient, and compelling inspection.
Apr 21st, 2020
Sherman C.
I had a problem with mice and rats in my house. When I called the 24/7 pest control company, they sent the pro immediately to inspect the location and discuss our options for movin
Apr 9th, 2020
William K.
The customer services were excellent ? The response time when calling with a problem is brilliant.
Apr 6th, 2020
Margaret D.
The 24/7 Pest Control service I received was second to none. They were here straight away after my call. The technician was amazing and immediately identified the problem I had. He
May 19th, 2020
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Because of the nature of our carpet beetle treatment, we will require of you to fulfill the following things:
  • Hover the areas that will be treated prior to our arrival in order to provide a ready-to-work space;
  • Remove all pets from the area where the treatment takes hold. This includes any fish tanks or other animals;
  • The treated floor needs to be free of human presence during the procedure and two hours after it in order to let the insecticides work to the fullest;
  • Once you return, make sure to open the windows for 10-15 minutes to freshen the air;
  • Avoid cleaning treated areas for at least 5 days - this will ensure that the product’s residue effect is intact which will help to protect your home from further infestations;
Varied Carpet Beetle in LondonThe UK is a home to one of the most damaging species of carpet beetles - the varied carpet beetle. This tiny bug resembles a common ladybird but covered with gold and grey scales and are further identified with the shape and pattern of those scales. The adult specimens can fly and usually manage to reach the windowsills, which is a sure sign of larvae presence. These beetles mate outside but lay their eggs inside the house, in the safety of cracks and crevices. Once the eggs hatch and the larvae appear, they make their way around the house to cupboards and drawers. They are quite successful at that because of their size - less than 1mm when hatched. The larvae is called “woolly bears” because of their short, hairy appearance and at this stage, they began feeding and damaging carpets, fabrics of various origin, fur and feathers and even cotton materials on their way to the feather-filled cushion. Carpet beetles, such as other textile boring insects like the clothes moths, usually get introduced into homes through birds’ and wasps nests or insect burrows. Once settled, they can become quite difficult to destroy because of their lengthy life cycle - up to two years. That is why it is recommended to act immediately once you notice any signs of their presence. Get a Quote