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How to Keep Pigeons Away from Your Garden?

How to Deter Birds From the Garden Birds are not picky eaters. They can feed on a number of things: seeds, grains, fruit, breadcrumbs, worms, and more. Bird control is a hard job, especially if you have a vegetable garden. You’d want to keep birds as far away as possible. Even though it’s not easy, […]

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How to Keep Pigeons Away From Your House?

Birds are the last thing you think of when you hear the word ‘pest’. But it is no secret that they can cause great nuisance. Not all types of birds are considered pests. Some tend to live in nature and stay away from urban areas or don’t live in flocks. Birds used to live in […]

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Wasps – Do They Make Honey, What Do They Eat, and More

Do Wasps Pollinate? Some people may think that since wasps are not bees, that they do not pollinate. Other people may think that they function just like bees and pollinate and make honey, but are just a lot meaner and aggressive. The truth is somewhere in between – wasps are pollinators but not like bees. […]

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Silverfish – What They Are, Where They Come From, Do They Bite?

Silverfish are animals that you will not find outdoors in a natural setting. They prefer the darkness and moisture they can find behind your bathroom walls. Their prefered food is starchy or contains cellulose, such as paper, and would rarely go looking for it outdoors. What are Silverfish and Where Do They Come From? Being […]

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What is The Schmidt Sting Pain Index?

Justin Schmidt is an entomologist at the Carl Hayden Bee Research Center in Arizona. He is widely known for his research on how much pain can a Hymenopteran insect cause. His research is referred to as The Schmidt sting pain index scale. What it inscribes is the relative pain one can feel a sting by different insects, which are from the Hymenopteran order.

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How to Deal with Different Types of Pests

Here is a long and comprehensive list of common and not so common pests locally and around the world. We’ll explain how you can deal with each of them separately and visualise common places they invade your house. Under each pest below you will find two options. One will be your typical methods that most […]

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